Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's Father's Day, and we're "on vacation."

Got in at a reasonable hour last night and settled the cats in upstairs in our bedroom - they went promptly under the bed and stayed there, even after we set out toys and treats and food, water, and a clean litter box.  No worries - they'll settle in eventually, and we'll try to introduce them to Daddy's cat.

'Round 5:30 this morning, there was a constant litterbox cleaning scratching happening, which meant that Smokey was ready for us to be up and paying him some attention.  We got up long enough to empty our own bladders, pet and reassure the one cat (Cocoa stayed put where she was), and then we returned to bed.  I got up officially around 8 or 8:30.  Good enough.

Once Stephen got up, Daddy and I made a run to the cheap store for some nose plugs and goggles, and then hit the pool at his HOA's fitness center.  I got a nice treading water workout, and Daddy threw pennies into the shallow end for the kids who could dive for them.  Later, when he was telling Cheryl that we'd gone swimming, I had to make sure that she knew he'd not really swum much, but was busy with throwing pennies at kids. ;)

We returned from all of that and got ourselves sufficiently cleaned up, only to discover that Daddy's TV has died.  No bueno for Stephen, who needs a working TV to play his games or watch Blu-Rays.  So the menfolk fetched another monitor outta Daddy's stash of electronics, Stephen got it set up with our PS3, and he has spent a good chunk of his first vacation day playing video games.  I took a nap.  Mmmm.

We did get out of the house, though, all three of us, so that Stephen could experience shopping at Publix.  If I didn't have a Trader Joe's conveniently located (and Daddy doesn't, yet), then I would definitely accept Publix as my first best alternative.  I still have to read labels like crazy, but at least the atmosphere is inviting, and the staff are quite friendly and helpful.  And I understand that you almost can't make a seven-pound key lime pie that tastes as good as the one from the Publix bakery!  We shall see.

I did a little laundry, and opened up the bedroom to let the cats explore.  Smokey was the brave one, for once!  He came all the way downstairs and explored the front part of the house, but has only been in the living area while I held him in my lap.  Found a nice hiding space under the sink in the guest half-bath, and eventually Miss Princess Kit ran him outta there.  Stephen later found him under the OTHER bed.  Oh, well.

We've eaten great sammiches, grilled on the George Forman grill, and we've had a little Boost and V8 and mochas and espressos.  And ice cream, of course.  Because we're on vacation.

Tomorrow: more swimming, and dealing with the dead TV.  Probably more great sammiches, steak-n-tots, and ice cream or key lime pie!  Maybe the cats will explore while we sleep, so that we can sleep.

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