Thursday, June 5, 2014

Still making progress while there's progress to be made

The biggest assignment I had for today was to help the stepMIL pull stuff from her almost-attic and barn and gather it all in one "staging" area for the yard sale on Saturday.  We've already transported all of OUR items over and staged them on a different porch, so I was only meant to be an extra pair of hands today.  And all I knew about the assignment, early on, was that it would happen "after lunch."

We still have in our possession some very large furniture.  We have a "buyer" lined up, but there have been gaps in the communication, due to her being the daughter of the roommate of a local friend.  So Stephen started his day with prepping the smaller piece so we could load it into the van when he got home from work this evening.  Not an unreasonable task, but again, the gaps in communication caused concern.  He left for work uncertain of how everything would be playing out.  I spent my day in a similar uncertainty.  Moving is stressful, and no one ever said that it wasn't, but this particular move, which should be nothing but joyous, is the most stressful move I've ever made.  I imagine that it is for him, as well.

We've both had to look at it as if we're actually being blessed with a two-week vacation that starts in NINE days.  The only flaw in that perception (?) perspective (?) POV (?) whatever is that we're not coming back.  Vacations are a little stressful to pack for, but you don't have to pack up your entire household of stuff.  If you have pets or children, you have to be sure they are cared for, but you still get to return to the familiar settings and stuff.  We're having to sell, give away, or throw away all of the stuff that we're not packing into a small shipping container or my car.  We'll start packing the shipping container on Monday, and we'll probably start packing my car on Wednesday - that's less than a week, kids, and it's stress.

So what I managed to accomplish today while waiting to hear from both the stepMIL and my friend (whose roommate's daughter wants the couches):

  • change mailing addresses at all of the credit cards, cell phones, and Stephen's magazine (no, we still don't have our official "home" address yet, but I know that if things go to Daddy's mailbox for awhile, we will eventually get it all collected)
  • advertise the yard sale, briefly, on local Facebook "Yard Sale" pages.  I'll do the same tomorrow, and maybe at Dawn's Crack on Saturday, as well, so we'll get a good turnout.
  • call two new potential landlords - for one, I just left a message; for the other, I had a lovely conversation and accidentally planted the idea of a "pet deposit" in his brain - thankfully, I didn't mention "pet RENT!"
  • run the dishwasher; dry the eatware that was most recently used; pack up all of that eatware!  We still have plastic plates and glass bowls from which to eat, both of which will be discarded in the end (they're all crap).  I have yet to pack up any of our drinking vessels, because reasons.
Eventually, I went over to the stepMIL's and helped her out, getting very dirty and very sweaty, and pretty hot.  I don't tend to get any of these things on any kind of regular basis, so, you know, yuck.  I got home and spoke with the friend, and I don't have to worry about being clean for anyone but us, at least tonight.  Yay.  We will get things worked out; those couches will go downstairs and into someone else's vehicle, and I can just exercise a little patience while I continue sitting/lounging on them.

Tomorrow: MORE progress!  What will I possibly accomplish?


  1. For one, just stop buying trouble. Anticipating anxiety will GIVE you anxiety. I know, I know. Easier said than done. That's when you turn to list making, lots of breaks petting the cats, drinking some sort of soothing beverage (for me it's green, peppermint, or [in a pinch] black tea) and maybe a short (timer driven) nap. You have made incredible strides already. Pat yourself on the back, remember it's not forever, and just jump back into the fray. You've got this! AND you've got the backing of family and friends. Love you, sis.

    1. Not sure I understand your first two statements, but I appreciate the overall sentiment. It's why this move "should be" more joyous and, in my mind, at least, "less" stressful - because we HAVE made incredible strides, and we ARE going home, and we DO have the backing (and love) of family and friends (and BOY, do we appreciate that!). It just feels like so little time to accomplish so damn much, and we're "flying blind" not having a final address. Our move east was accomplished with the "backing" of family and friends, not the least little bit being no need to seek out our own digs. You and Brian have moved A LOT in the last few years; besides the mini-breaks you've suggested here, how did you get everything done in time, without making yourselves or each other crazy?
      I do celebrate my victories, daily. I do let the cats love on me. I do nap. I soak in the tub. I do HAVE victories to celebrate, daily! I KNOW I'm making progress, and so is Stephen. And he knows, and I know, and he knows I know it. We're a very knowledgeable "family". ;)

    2. To buy trouble means to worry about things that haven't happened, It's a future thing. Same for anticipating anxiety. Your move this time has been far more structured than anything I have ever done (with or without Brian). When I lost custody of Rachel, that was actually the most organized my move ever was, but that was all Mommy.

      When we didn't have an address, yet (which has happened a couple of times), we simply had mail sent General Delivery. Check it out. You pick up your accumulated mail at the main post office in the city you've designated. Boom. Done. We had a 3-day garage sale when we were in Colorado. It was a real garage sale because we had tables (borrowed from my church) set up in the garage. You don't see those much anymore. We HAVE made each other crazy and then moved on. Your sales adventures have been far more ambitious than anything I've ever done.

      The last couple of moves we've been fortunate in that Brian has found us a place to rent online and we just sign the papers and pick up the key when we arrive (after giving ourselves enough of a window to drive however many miles from point A to point B.) We never moved with pets, so I think what you guys are doing is far harder than anything I've attempted. Prevail upon friends when you get there to assist with a place to crash. You can do this. I have complete confidence in you. I'm pretty sure Daddy will help, too. :-)

    3. And that is why I didn't understand your first two statements - I am not a "worrier" - I live in the present. My "present" today just happened to include a good bit of "waiting to hear" which is not the same as "worrying about the outcome."
      I'll look into General Delivery, but there's more than one "main" post office in the "Greater Los Angeles" area, and we're already fudging a bit on delivery of our little shipping container! We have a place to "crash" if need be, and the addresses I changed today allow us to collect mail at Daddy's, so yes, you are correct in all of that advice.
      So it's not so much "worry" as "wonder" that's going on here... and just trying to GET RID OF SHIT! :D
      But I do appreciate your big sisterliness, and I have to tell you that I think THIS ^ is likely your longest comment to date. ;)


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