Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Worry - Just because we're offline doesn't mean we're outta touch!

Yesterday, we swam and wrote and packed the car... got the cats ensconced and said "Later, Gator!" to Daddy... hit the road around 1:30/2:00-ish.  Stephen drove first and got to "fight" traffic idiots.  He was trying to get us all the way thru Jax and back on I-95 before we traded, but we'd consumed a good bit of water in that first leg, it being afternoon, and my bladder forced us to stop early.

Thankfully so, because had he driven to where he thought we'd trade, we'd have had to trade during a deluge, and the pass seat wouldn't have survived my bladder explosion.  As it was, we both had empty bladders, I had easy access back to the highway, and my shift consisted of DOWNPOURS and SUNSHINE and DOWNPOURS and SUNSHINE and more of the same.  Stephen rescued a coupla sodas outta the cooler (and when I say "rescued" I mean he had to exert some effort, due to the tight pack of the car)... and then I drenched myself, my seat, and the steering wheel (with soda)!  Whee!  Still, bubbles on a dry throat, mmm.

clear skies ahead, stormy skies behind
Stephen had the last shift, and I was able to navigate us to his mom's house before dark.  We carried in only what we'd need for two nights, got the room set up, brought in the cats, and then scoped out the internets sitch.  No Wi-Fi.  "The neighbor's got a huge satellite!"  "Um, no, Mom, that won't work, because we don't have the password."  We'd gone from Daddy's house, which is Tech Central, to the MIL's house, which still has a TV/VCR COMBO!  It's not that she's a technophobe, by any means.  She's just not "up" on the latest gadgetry and techniques for accessing the worldwidewebs.

So, today, we ran some errands with her.  We scoped out a Big & Nasty Barnes & Noble where we could do what we're doing right now, before her 70th birthday party, and before we leave tomorrow.  Her errands ran into more errands into later and later, and so this visit to B&N will be the last you hear from us before we arrive at a hotel nearish to Memphis (we hope) tomorrow night.  Don't worry about us - we will definitely check the emails and the Facebooks, and I'll still make sure we take lotsa pics and I manage to blog.  If you need to REACH us, call or text either phone.  Whoever's sitting in the pass seat will pick up or respond.

The vacation is over and now we're actually in search of our next home, in earnest.


  1. Happy trails to the pair of you. I was wondering if there would be a blog post. Glad to see it. Take care, have fun, make memories.

  2. Thanks - I'm going to have to skip blogging tonight, though, since we got in so late and REALLY need an early start tomorrow (so it'll end early - construction and nighttime and no vacancies = no bueno!)


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