Monday, June 9, 2014

There was a lot that happened today

We had MAJOR issues with U-Haul (because, seriously? who doesn't have issues with their shipping/moving company of "choice" on Day One of the official move?) but we managed to get one load loaded...

Heard from the buddy with whom we were supposed to break bread at lunch time, who, frankly, I had expected to have "cancelled" our "date" with, simply because he was such a huge help yesterday, and I knew he'd have a paying gig today... he cancelled our lunch date on the phone, while I was telling him I had already written it off!  I guess he's a better buddy than I am. :/

Got the one load loaded without much issue, but lost half a day due to all the prior-to-the-load issues.  Got bitten by a rather large insect; screamed when I saw the insect in question; almost caused a wreck in the aftermath of my scream; got our crap loaded and did not return with another load - lost half a day.  Oh well.

Went to visit the fam of the half-sister, and while the menfolk were unloading the dining table and chairs we had "borrowed" for the last year-and-a-half, I was getting my nails done by the cousin of my niece (not officially my niece since she's the daughter of the brother of the half-sister of my husband, so ???), and I get a phone call from Stephen, saying, "go to the front door, but don't scream."  I did so, but all I could do was LAUGH. OUT LOUD.

We ALL took a LOT of pictures, actually, and even a little video, but this one, I think, says it all.

Eventually, the half-BIL put the three-year-old to bed and ended up crashing on a tiny beanbag, and the half-sister/SIL fell asleep on my shoulder while we were watching "RIPD," leaving me and Stephen to wonder, "how do we say our goodbyes and go home to the cats?"

Got outta there gracefully and graciously (it really WAS a lovely evening) and fed the cats and checked in here.  AFTER all of the packing crap, I'll likely post all of the photos.  Until then, you get the one.

Thanks for reading, all of you!


  1. I thought I was going to see the insect, but frogs are much funnier.

    1. I had the camera with me in the van but not the presence of mind to photograph the thingthatbitme, considering when I SAW it, my first reaction was a scream that scared the crap outta Stephen. The frogs were much funnier.


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