Friday, June 6, 2014

T-7.5 or so

That's right, kids.  We're counting down in "half" days already.  Got some packing done, together, today, before Stephen left for work.
Gonna go help the stepMIL set up the "tables" for the yard sale, in a bit.  Gonna come home and load up the van with any last-minute yard-sale-able items that I can handle without help.  Gonna go to bed the second Stephen walks in the door (or possible before that, depending on when he sends his "on my way" text).

Tomorrow, gonna see Dawn's Tramp Stamp one last time, and head over to the stepMIL's to help run the yard sale.  When I get home, I'm gonna prep the couches for transport, since the friend and her roommate and the roommate's daughter and the roommate's daughter's boyfriend and whomever else the friend and roommate can sucker into convince to help(ing) us out will be arriving in the 4:30-5:00 -ish timeframe.  While they're here, I'm gonna see what else I've still got that they'd be willing to take off my hands.

Sunday, we get to drag carry the last dresser across the last thresholds (ours and the next-door's).  At that point, we will likely collapse into puddles on the living room floor, surveying the carnage devastation vast emptiness that will be our apartment (especially if we close the door to the office, which is "standing in" for our shipping container).

And then, starting Monday, we get to get really organized and pack whatever's left into a teeny-tiny 320 square foot shipping container.  Monday night, we'll truck over to the half-SIL's for a barbecue.  Tuesday night, Stephen says "Good Riddance! Bye" to his job and co-workers, and the last few days left here will likely be whirlwinds, and if that's the case, we may head out to Daddy's BEFORE Saturday!

We'll see.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading your flurry of activities you have planned.

    1. Did you also edit that comment down to as short as it could be, based on my comment on the "length" of your last one? ;)

      Definitely have to see Dawn's Tramp Stamp tomorrow, since I got in and went straight to the tub, post-setup. No loading tonight!


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