Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dinner and a Movie

So, today, I worked an early shift at Warner Bros. and Stephen worked a late shift at Centinela. We'd done a lot of grocery shopping yesterday, so told him this morning as I was leaving, that if he wanted to start a chili in the crockpot (just meats and enough moisture to keep it from burning to the crock), that I would finish it when I got home, so that we'd both have chili for dinner. Mommy always made a great chili, but I don't have her recipe - I only know her "secret ingredient", and I know that she never made chili with chicken, which is what we're making ours with, so the "secret ingredient" may or may not apply. Plus, I'm not sure if I have any on hand, so I didn't think to add it.

Chili with rice - YUM (yes, Daddy, I DID eat right tonight).
All in all, it turned out better than I could have expected, and I went ahead and made some rice as a side dish. I expect him (Stephen) to walk in the door any minute.

When I first got home, after adding all the stuff to the crock that I needed to add, I was heading out to buy a Powerball ticket (jackpot's just one hundred million shy of One. Billion. Dollars, so, ya know), when I ran into our houseguest. He'd never bought a lottery ticket before, ever, so ya know, what the hell? He went with me.

We returned with our tickets and set to our internetting, when we realized we'd both seen only half of Bridge of Spies. So I turned it back on, found a good starting place approximately halfway through, and while I ate my chili with rice, we watched the rest of the movie. I won't give you his critique, but here's what I thought of it.

Meh. If it weren't surrounded by "based on true events" movies this season, I might have liked it better. The story was fine. The performances were fine. Not a lot of drama; not enough humor; not a single subtitle or caption, even though a good chunk of it takes place in Germany (East Berlin), so there is a good chunk of Russian and German dialogue* - not translated. I don't know if, because the SAG website allows us to stream it, there were captions available, because I'm not really very good at operating the PS4 with the game controller, and the reason I lost track of it yesterday had entirely to do with the PS4 telling me it was about to go into "rest" mode. #FirstWorldProblems, I know. Still. Why didn't SAG send me a stupid disk? It's not like they cost so much to produce and mail. #IHateStreaming #FirstWorldProblems #IGetScreenersButIAmSpoiledInHowIWantToWatchThem #IThinkIMayNotUnderstandHowHashtagsWork #IHadMyWineAndChocolateButNowWhat? #IMayHaveAProblemHereThatIsDefinitelyAnotherFirstWorldProblem #WhatHappensWhenIHaveSoManyWordsToStringTogetherThatTheyDoNotAllFitOnOneLineAndTheComputerHasToDoAnAutomaticLineBreak? #IThinkIJustAnsweredThatLastOne #FirstWorldProblems

Ennyhoo. I figured I needed to inject a little humor here. Hope you all enjoyed it.

This laptop ran out of juice just after Stephen walked in the door at 9:15 or so (*not quite to the "not translated" bit), so I'm just now finishing the post. I hope you've enjoyed this foray into my evening. Please feel free to comment on any part of it that speaks to you.

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