Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rainy Days and Mondays

always get me down. It's raining today, as it did yesterday. We need the rain, but I personally don't like it. I stepped out long enough to check the mail. Still waiting for a paycheck, but I did get more SAG screeners, so that's nice. I do appreciate receiving screeners in the mail. And there are more we'll be able to stream digitally, once we set that up. We tried to watch "Black Mass" but the rain is probably having an effect on our ability to stream (or else everyone was trying to stream it at the same time). I will vote for Best Actors and Actresses, once I've watched 'em all.

received so far. Still waiting for "Carol", "Room", and "Spotlight".
Just finished watching "The Danish Girl" screener that I'd received earlier. The other day, we watched "Steve Jobs" with high hopes.

So here are my reviews, so far.

Steve Jobs: confusing film. Great performances by Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet. Not quite worth the two hours lost, though, I'm afraid. And certainly not a positive advert for Apple. You may disagree with me; that is your right.

The Danish Girl: made me cry. Eddie Redmayne may very well be this generation's Meryl Streep, if he wins again this year. I have to get through the rest of the screeners to see if he's my pick, but he is, at the moment, my front-runner for Best Actor. Haven't yet seen a Best Actress or Best Supporting. Again, I have a few to watch still.

Currently watching "Beasts of No Nation" - will review in a couple hours (and then update).

UPDATE - Beasts of No Nation: HEAVY film. A few funny moments, but more than anything, HEAVY/SERIOUS. Performances were good, but nothing/no one I'll be voting for. And besides all the HEAVY, we could not help but notice that Idris Elba's head looks funny. Seriously. Looks great in a beret; not so much sans chapeau.


  1. How cool is it that your job happens to include casting a vote for Best Anything/Anybody? Sorry about all the rain. I am you when it comes to weather that's anything but sunny - but, of course, you already knew that. I will watch your blog to determine what Brian and I need to watch next. Thanks for the film reviews. Hope your days get brighter. Love you.

    1. Voting is absolutely a "perk", but I consider working in this industry to be an even bigger blessing than the voting perk. As for the weather, it (the rain) has finally abated, and I was able to walk over to Central (Casting) this morning to visit with the Casting Directors (something they do twice a month, so any time I'm not busy, I fit it into my schedule) and add a photo to my profile. Productivity + networking + exercise in the sunshine = a great start to my Thursday.

      Love you back.


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