Monday, January 4, 2016

When should I go grocery shopping?

Not on the first Sunday evening of a New Year, THAT'S for sure!

I had a few things to pick up yesterday evening after work. Of Course, I went to Trader Joe's! I ALWAYS go to Trader Joe's! I LOVE Trader Joe's! (You knew all this already).

It was a madhouse.

I enjoyed it, because what good does it do to complain about a reality, whether expected or not? The reality is that everyone who travels out of town for a holiday period is going to return to an empty refrigerator and freezer. Sure, there may be some food in the pantry, but there's not going to be fresh cream for your coffee, or eggs or bacon or anything else that's going to help get you out the door for work on Monday morning.  So you go to Trader Joe's, because they've got everything! You don't go to pick up just the eggs, bacon, and cream, though. You gotta pick up EVERYTHING you're out of.

Which means you're going to stand in a line that wraps around the entire produce section, or freezer section, or extends all the way to the demo stand! Yowza!

Good thing I wasn't there to pick up MEAT (or milk or eggs or bread, since those shelves were equally depleted). Take me to wine-n-chocolate!

I was able to get the wine. Today, my (dark) chocolate (peanut butter cups) were back on the shelf, and the crowds had thinned a bit. Hallelujah!

When did YOU shop last, and have you found this situation to be true in YOUR fave store?


  1. Ugh. Marketing is the worst, so I try to go once a month or so. Himself is great about the quick trips in on his way home from the office for milk, fresh fish, etc. In the South, Wednesday nights the stores are pretty deserted. Either because they don't get a bread delivery on Wednesdays (yet to figure out why) or because a lot of folks are in church? Dunno, but I work with it, not against it.

    1. I'm a "quick tripper" myself, like your Himself. Except that I like the people at my TJ's, so even if I only have one or two items to get, I spend extra time socializing. There IS a demo stand, after all! I never cared for food shopping before TJ's.


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