Sunday, January 17, 2016

What. The. Eff, SAG Awards?

Why you gonna send me (and all the other SAG-AFTRA voters) this Gi-Normous Waste of Ink, Paper, and Postage (which didn't fit well in my mailbox, btw), and NOT send me a physical screener? I haven't yet seen this movie, because you're forcing me to STREAM it (which, I've decided, I really kinda HATE doing). I'm sure your boy Leo deserves an award or two; he's been a favorite of mine ever since What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and I truly loved everything about Inception. But for you to ask me for my vote without sending me a real screener is low, SAG Awards. I may vote for everyone else just out of spite. And of course, I'll be encouraging all of my co-voters to do the same.*

*Probably not going to do this, but what if others who received this feel the same, and DO do it? Huh? Were you thinking of the possible repercussions, SAG Awards?


  1. I've got some physical screeners. Of course, "screeners" is what I call the two tiny bugs that died and stuck near the edge of my TV screen. (Neither one was nominated for anything.)

    1. LOL. The physical screeners I received are actually screeners, and not dead bugs. I just wanted to receive ALL of my screeners physically, rather than having to STREAM them. (Yes, I'm "old school" that way, and yes, I realize that these are #FirstWorldProblems.) Sue me. Please don't sue me.


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