Saturday, January 30, 2016

Some newsworthy news? Maybe. Also, Welcome, Belarus!

Stephen and I are dancing again tonight, and it looks like we'll have some company from my friends from Arthur Murray, so that'll be fun.

Also, while at work today at the Bros., I got to Give My First Tour to a real-life Someone More Famous than I am. He had given a personal tour of the stuff he had access to (soundstages) to his mother, who was visiting for however long, YESTERDAY. Today, I guess she wanted "the real thing", so there they were, climbing into my tour cart. I was the only one (other than his mom) who watches the show he's on, so while I talked about it a little on the tour (only when it was appropriate), the tour was pretty much like any other tour I give. He played it pretty cool and casual, and I didn't point him out to the other guests, because, um, AWKWARD, anyone? His mom did take a couple of photos of me with him, at the end of the tour, after the other guests had departed, but I can't post them, because reasons. I shared those photos with my compatriots, but discovered, when sharing them with my boss-man, that it's actually against the rules (or some such nonsense) for tour guides, while working, to ask for photos with talent... even if that talent has just spent two hours with us! Boss-man was nice enough to break it down for me in a non-boss-man way, gently reminding me of this "rule" that I had apparently been told but forgotten, because how many actors ever just show up to take your tour? ZERO. Also, Boss-man kept saying how "cool" and "awesome" and "fantastic" it was, both that he'd been on my tour and that he'd taken the pics... but not to be done again, and not to be posted, not now or ever. Oh, well. Sorry I can't share them; they're super-cute! ;)

And lastly, Welcome, Belarus! I have no idea what brought you here, but I do hope you find something of interest to bring you back. As always, please check out my archives, and bring friends when you return! And welcome BACK, Romania! Nearly a YEAR has passed since you first crossed my virtual threshold!


  1. So cool. Never heard of him, but that's because I've not seen a single one of those shows. But yay, you!

    1. I was watching Smash when it was on, because Angelica Houston, and his character on that was a real douchebag that you loved to hate. He's been a real "someone to love" on his latest endeavor, and he was quite a normal person yet joy to have on the tour. I sure wish I could post the pics!


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