Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome BACK, Thailand!

It's been about a year and a half since your first "welcome", so it's good to see you back on the map. Please spend some time perusing the archives; a lot has happened in that year and a half!

In other news, yes, I've made progress on the crochet front. No, I'm not finished yet.

In OTHER other news, I was planning to spend some "free" movie "cash" to sit in a theater and watch Trumbo this afternoon, so I could vote appropriately (and review the flick for you). Turns out that THE ONLY theater left that's in a reasonable distance charges MORE than the voucher is worth, so I'd have to pay to "screen" the movie, and even with validation, there's also the paying for parking, and having to drive over the Hollywood Hill to get there. Ain't nobody wanna do that! (At least, I certainly didn't have that in mind for myself). So I stayed home to stream Revenant. Here's my review:

Brutal. Violent. In Your Face (as in, the camera is Too Damn Close to all the Brutal Violence). I don't think they ever tell you WHERE you are or what the time period is; you sorta have to guess.* My guess is Alaska, or at the very least, Northern Oregon or Washington (Pacific Northwest, judging by the snow and the mountains and the grizzly bears), and "Old West" timeframe. There's not a lot of "civilization" or technology, and all of the dialogue in English is spoken with a rugged Appalachian or other non-modern dialect and vernacular. There were subtitles for the French and Native American language that was spoken, but it was often difficult to discern what the English words were, especially when being grunted. The weapons were single-shot rifles and pistols that had to be individually loaded, bows and arrows, hatchets and knives. We're talkin' Cowboys and Indians, except that the Cowboys were wilderness/military (without the recognizable uniforms) dudes. The three (?) women that we saw were all Native American, and they only ever interacted with Leo.

Speaking of Leo - I wish I could give him a "Best Performance" award for Gilbert Grape or The Aviator. His performance in this was really top-notch, but it was really hard to watch the grizzly attack. By the way, there's a Really Brutally Violent grizzly attack. It's not immediate, but it is nearish to the beginning, and afterwards, we get to admire some really Outstanding (Best nominee, anyone?) Makeup Effects. I would also probably nominate this flick for Best Score, if I were able to make that nomination. But other than that, unless you're into Really Incredibly Brutal In-Your-Face Violence, or possibly a Beautiful Epic Landscape, I don't think I can recommend this film.

omg... I just discovered Tom Hardy was in this film, as I was linking the IMDb links. Who did he even play? Was it "the bad guy"? That would make the most sense... let's see. Yup. John Fitzgerald, the "bad guy" >>sorry if that's a SPOILER, but seriously, this dude is NOT redeemable in any way, shape, or form. I guess that was a "Best" Performance, since I didn't even know it was Tom Hardy. :/

In OTHER other Other news: I'm back on the muppets tomorrow! Yay! First day on set in 2016... PLEASE get me some more days, and Thank You, Brandi, for keeping me on this show! Yay!

... so now, time for wine-n-chocolate and some mindless television before I have to go to bed so I can be on set at 7 in the a.m. Yay!

*I found out after I'd already typed all this up but before I published that it's supposed to be the 1820's in the Dakotas. Whatevs.


  1. My favorite part of this review I think is the teensy tinesy disclaimer thingy where you tell us the period of the movie. Or maybe the way you reviewed it. No. I adore itty bitty writing. And that's not sarcasm. It made me laugh out loud. And yay Muppets!

    1. We aim to please.

      I got a lot of camera time, and it was a good, long day on set. Yay muppets!

  2. Ha ha, that film review! I am kind of intrigued but violence isn't my thing. Leo definitely is though so I am torn!

    1. I would skip it, if I were you, Holly. At least until you can watch it in the comfort of your own home, with a "pause" button you can hit, or fast-forward, or whatever it takes to get through it.


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