Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hop-n-John for a Happy New Year!

Stephen's first attempt EVAH.

Mommy always made Hop-n-John for New Year's Day dinner (or whatever meal it was). I've always loved Hop-n-John, but my hubby never seemed to care for it (or never really had it), primarily because, as far as he knew, he never liked black-eye peas. He figured enough time had passed since the last time he'd tried black-eye peas, that he would give 'em a second chance. So he threw all the parts into the crockpot, baked a great cornbread, and when I got home from some personal assisting/bookkeeping, we ate.

It was great. Even Stephen liked it!

Happy New Year!


  1. I remember one time I made black-eyed-peas and you ate the left overs for breakfast! Now when I eat something non traditional I think of you. You said, "If you can eat it for dinner, you can eat it for breakfast."

    1. That made me laugh, Carole. Thanks for that. It IS true, though. If you can eat it for dinner, you can eat it for breakfast. Because seriously, why not?


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