Friday, January 8, 2016

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Galavant: OMG, if you didn't watch this last season, you need to catch up and then start watching this season. Just good ol' fun television. Find the older episodes, watch 'em, and then watch the current ones. We just (last night) watched the first couple (they do 'em back-to-back) of this new "season" and were howling.

Spotlight: You remember Erin Brockovich? It had little humor and didn't move very quickly, but the subject matter and characters were riveting, and you couldn't stop watching until you were crying through the resolution? That's Spotlight. Absolutely GREAT film. I watched it while Stephen was at work, and after he reads this review, he'll probably want me to watch it again. I'm down with that. If "The pen is mightier than the sword" and Beasts of No Nation was "the sword" then Spotlight is without a doubt "The Pen". Just sayin'. Only downside I saw is that Mark Ruffalo is not singled out for a Best Performance. Rachel McAdams did a fine job, but I don't see myself voting for her individually. I will vote for the Ensemble Cast, unless something else overrules my current vote. But I want to be able to vote "yea" for Mark Ruffalo. His performance absolutely stood out for me. And the subject matter is a toughie. Fair warning.

Started watching Black Mass. We'll see. OMG - Benedict Cumberbatch with a Boston accent!!! WHAT??? ... I was unable to continue watching this, as I was distracted by all the other crap I was trying to do, and there were no subtitles I could find, and I couldn't focus my attention on Boston accents for two movies in a row (Spotlight had captions, and I was definitely engrossed in that one).

So, I started streaming Bridge of Spies. ANOTHER "based on true events" flick, but this one set in NY during the Cold War. What is it with all of these "based on true events" films this screener season? Weren't there any memorable, nominated performances in any works of complete and utter fiction this year? Sheesh. That said, I got somewhere to the halfway mark before the PS4 told me it was about to go into "Rest" Mode, and I didn't know how to tell it not to, and I lost my place in the movie. I hate streaming video, if it's housed on the interwebs.

That said, I was enjoying and engrossed in Bridge of Spies. Some fine performances, and a different take on that particular era of American history. I look forward to watching the rest. I think I'm still sticking with my Eddie Redmayne vote, though, for now.

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