Monday, January 11, 2016

More Reviews

Okay, so here in OUR household (not counting the houseguest, because he wasn't here while Stephen and I watched it last night), we have come to a unanimous decision that, of the screeners that we have received and watched so far this season, our Hands Down Favorite is Brooklyn. It's a purely fictional (not "based on real events", Thank The Lord Above) Love Story, about a girl who leaves everything she knows in Ireland in 1952 to Get A Life in Brooklyn, NY, USA. She falls in love with an Italian boy but then has to return to Ireland for other Family Shit.

Who amongst us doesn't know of Family Shit? Who amongst us hasn't attempted to escape "current circumstances" in order to Get A Life somewhere else? That sounds an awful lot like BOTH of my "escapes" from North Carolina, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA, the "home" that I have created for myself.

Finally, a "Best" Performance by a Female in a Leading Role. Finally, something I can just fall into to enjoy the story without worrying about a fact-checker. Finally, a movie that so engrosses me, I can Talk. Back. To. The. TV. Screen. as if the characters will PAY FUCKING ATTENTION and Do What's Right! This movie was glorious. Saoirse Ronan was glorious. The story was glorious. I laughed. I cried. I shouted obscenities at the screen. I will definitely (at this point, at least) be giving my Best vote to Saoirse.

So, ennyhoo, tonight, we were maybe going to go to a SCREENING of Spotlight because I received an e-invite to one at the Directors' Guild, followed by a Q&A with Mark Ruffalo and Liev Schrieber and the director, but of course, I didn't RSVP soon enough, and it filled up. So we stayed in and watched Straight Outta Compton instead.

Kids, I don't really remember that period of time as it related to LA. I was still in North Carolina, in high school and college, and really not a fan of rap music. So everything in this "based on true events" movie spoke to me for the first time. I had heard of  Eazy-E and Dr. Dre and Ice Cube (and Jerry Heller and Snoop Dogg and Tupac) but really knew nothing of their struggles or rise(s) to fame or any of that, mainly, because I was never a fan of rap music, AND I didn't live near Compton, CA.

I think Spotlight is still my fave screener that I've received so far for the "true story" films, and Brooklyn is my fave piece of fiction (one out of one; how do you beat that?), but Straight Outta Compton is going to win my vote for Best Ensemble Cast. I sure hope it's up for that category. Really. Good. Film. And I know that I was never the "target" audience. Doesn't matter. I'll probably watch it again, once I'm finished with all these screeners.

On a side note, Poland has revisited us (since September, I think, so it's been awhile) - WELCOME BACK. On another side note, my allergies have decided to Kick. My. Butt. this evening. I had a few moments of throat-clearings today, during the day, but tonight, for most of the screener viewing (and still, right now), I'm trying to cough up enough phlegm to Quit. FUCKING. Coughing. I was on the rebound, or so I thought. Dammit.


  1. So I'm finally here, I know you're super happy about that. I mean, who wouldn't be. (sarcasm) :P

    I saw trailers of Brooklyn and already thought it looked good, I think my wife would like it as well. I believe we just missed it in the theaters, but we'll definitely see this once it's out on Bluray.

    1. I followed you here, Lee. Let's all talk about Eli behind his back an outside of his comment censorship.

    2. Yay! A coupla Strangers found me! Yes, Lee, I AM super happy about that - I kinda expected you to be the first ;)

      Hopefully Eli's spammers don't follow you here, so I don't have to turn on moderation (isn't is WONDERFUL to just be able to comment freely? I know I loved it, back in the day, over on Stranger)!

      You know who else followed you? Someone from PALAU! Pretty cool, huh?

    3. Agreed. It really sucks when spammers start going at it. I've moderated forums before and it can be brutal once they find you. Isn't there an option to make you have to type in a code to make sure "you're a real person".

      Hi Angela!

      Angela is my stalker. Everyone say hello. :D

    4. Yes, Lee. If Eli's spammers follow you here, then I'll turn on the "I am not a robot" button. Until then, I have time to read every comment anyway, but I don't need to "moderate".

    5. I wonder why he doesn't turn that on? Oh well.

    6. When I first started reading him, he did have it on. Then he gave us access, and then the spammers came. So now he moderates. :/


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