Monday, January 18, 2016

Welcome Back, Denmark and Singapore!

The first time Denmark showed up was more than a year ago. Singapore arrived last August. Don't really remember how long either of you hung around, but it would appear you're back. Stick around! Chime in, on occasion! Thanks for stopping by.

In other news, in case you happen to participate in Friday Fictioneers (by reading or writing or commenting on reading or whatever), then you may be interested in this post I found over at Wil Wheaton's blog.

In OTHER other news, I followed Yoda's command today. I did not TRY to antagonize or aggravate my husband today, but boy, howdy, did I manage to DO it! We're all better now, and he's predicting that he'll be sick in a week or so. Apparently, a week prior to him coming down with something, he'll have a really bad day where he stays in a foul mood, and just about anything that seems to not be going his way, he'll take more personally than on any other day. I blame the weather for his bad day today. I'm predicting no sickness! We all have bad days; I recognize when mine are precursors to Depression. I fight days like today (where it was basically cold and gloomy, you know, normal for January 18th if you live anywhere other than LA) with vitamins C and D, and I try to remember that the Universe is NOT conspiring against me, and no matter how much Stephen or anyone else treads on my last nerve, they are probably just following Yoda's command equally well!


  1. Summer will be here before we know it! And we are past the darkest day and the most depressing day of the year :) here's to February passing by quickly!

    1. Here's to just getting out of JANUARY (a.k.a. The Death of All Your Favorite Actors and Musicians)!


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