Friday, January 15, 2016

Ho. Lee. Shit.

When one of the countries that reads me disappears from the map, it makes me a little sad. When that country reappears, I do a little happy dance.

Immediately after posting today's post, I looked back at my stats ('cuz I do that), and I saw that TODAY's post had already had three "hits" (in the less-than-a-minute that it took me to click on the stats button after sending the post into the Twittersphere).

When a country reappears with a vengeance, I say "Ho. Lee. Shit."
Hey, there, Russia. I'm sad for you that all you have is Internet Explorer, but thanks for coming back and bringing friends!


  1. You were just trying to figure out a way to use my name in your post. It's ok Emelle, you can talk about me whenever you want.


    1. I realized, when I saw that there was 1 comment (before I actually came here to READ the one comment), that it had to be from someone named "Lee" (and not when I was actually creating this blog three days ago). HA! You're welcome!


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