Saturday, January 16, 2016

We (yes, I said WE) are going dancing tonight!

It's a regular event at a ballroom that's just outta the way. One of the recent times I visited the webpage, there was dancing every Friday night, hosted by a couple, not necessarily the ballroom. That event seems to have gone missing. I'm hoping it will return, because I'm hoping that Stephen will enjoy himself enough tonight to want to try it again, on a semi-regular basis.

At any rate, we're in "prep" stage.
So. Glamorous. Who knew my hair was long enough for rollers? Not quite long enough for an "up-do", though.
I hope to update this post with pretty pictures of us both pretty, and dancing, and having fun being pretty. We'll see.

If you're a reader who is in the area and you see this post soon enough, hey! Why don't you join us over there? There's a single class starting at 7:30, followed by general dancing for as long as you can stand it (or, until they stop, if you're just a Dancing Freak).

UPDATE: We danced a little. Well, we went to the class first, which was on Foxtrot. It started out easy and got progressively harder, and Stephen ended up sitting out most of it because it was just frustrating for him. When the general dancing started, we looked at the playlist and chose songs that we could dance together, and when I returned from dancing with someone else, we checked in a lot to be sure that we were both having fun.

He took photos of me dancing with others. Most of the photos, because they were taken in my phone, and it's DANCING, are not great. At the very end, he got some video of my hustle with Dale. Here's what we managed to bring home in the phone:
selfie to start. I have already begun dancing, which means
I've started to sweat, and my hair has decided it's "done".

I took this of the room full of dancers.

Salsa or swing with Russian Frank. He liked spinning me.

More swing, I think, with Russian Frank.

Dale mostly danced smooth dances with me, but I requested this hustle.

Same hustle with Dale.
 Stephen got the photo-taking figured out.
Somewhere along the lines, I danced with a couple of instructors, and one of them took an interest in getting Stephen on the dance floor more. So he came over and gave him some one-on-one instruction in cha-cha, with me as the "body" that Stephen would lead. It was less than five minutes of individualized attention, in language that Stephen could understand, and we both felt some real progress was made. Stephen danced more in public tonight than he has ever done before. Probably more than the sum total of all of his "dancing in public" experiences. We're planning to go back in two weeks (Saturday the 30th), because the man who took individual interest in us will be teaching the group class before the general dancing that night. Should be fun.
Twas a Good Night, and so, Good Night to you.


  1. If we were friends in real life and I knew you, I would totally be using that first picture as like, my phone wallpaper or something and show it to everyone I knew. Your husband should keep that photo and on your next milestone birthday where you have all your friends around you, post that up somewhere on the wall. :D

  2. Oh, the "So. Glamorous." one? Thanks, Lee. I don't think Stephen needs to search for photos of me, looking good OR bad! HA!

    I may have gotten the idea to post a curlers pic from Jenny Lawson, who has hers as the banner on her blog. In case you're not familiar with Jenny, then you haven't been reading through my archives. She's The Bloggess, found at, and I ADORE her. I went to her recent book tour and met her. She was simply fab.

    btw, my next "milestone" birthday will be in June. Plan your visit. Bring Strangers.


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