Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I made some more things...

... like one of two wrist "gauntlets" that I'm sorta figuring out, what with only knowing one basic crochet stitch so far, and not having access to patterns yet, or ludicrous amounts of yarn or even various sizes of hooks yet. So I'm kinda making a pair of fingerless gloves; maybe I'll figure out the thumbhole by the time I'm done with the experiment, and they'll end up pretty cool. I'm using the leftover yarn from my sister's Moebius Scarflet, so she's probably going to "claim" them by the time she receives the first package and figures out her best way to wear it.

... and a crock pot of an improvised "shit on a shingle" but without the shingle, and actually incorporating veggies, too. Pulled pork, smashed taters, a tub of cheddar-n-horseradish pub cheese, a can of diced tomatoes, and a bunch of broccoli florets. Tasty, but really not sure how I should have served this up, sans toast?

... and a dent in the filing of taxes. So far, getting a decent refund, based on four w-2's. Haven't yet calculated business deductions (actor/writer/Scripty) or received all of the w-2's and 1099's we'll receive yet this year. Gotta do a little spreadsheet math. Probably tomorrow.

... and a frustrating pile o' mess trying to create a damn iTunes account so I can watch the last friggin' screener! I'll try again tomorrow, maybe. I may just have to vote based on the movies I've been able to watch. Have I mentioned how much I HATE streaming video? What about how ANTI-"i" I am? No? Yeah, I have. I know I have.

So ennyhoo; Stephen and the houseguest have both retired for the night.
I am soon to follow.


  1. Maybe it is just me but I love the idea of a day of working on spreadsheets? That is just my favourite thing!

    1. I like a good spreadsheet as much as the next gal, Holly, but I don't really care to spend All Day there. ;)

  2. Check out for a plethora of patterns. Some are for purchase, but there are SO MANY free ones to go through. Tick your boxes on the left for crochet, free, yarn weight, hook size, whatever... It's pretty darn great.
    YouTube is how you learn new stitches if someone isn't there to teach you, and you're ready to expand your crochet horizons.

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I learned the first stitch via YouTube, so when I'm ready to expand, I'll definitely keep both of these resources in mind. Currently, I'm still in "tinker a bit" stage. ;)


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