Wednesday, April 27, 2016

90 Years of Central Casting!

No, not me personally. That would make me {really, incredibly} OLD. In fact, I'm not aware that there is a single human being on the planet who is celebrating a 90-year personal affiliation with Central Casting. The company has been celebrating its existence, though, and since I've had at least a dozen years' of personal affiliation with them, I celebrate, too.

Yesterday, I walked over there to attend a class. It was Central Casting University 201: The Stand-In. with Jason Roberts, DGA. This man spoke to us for two-plus hours about everything that is expected of stand-ins as well as background actors, and he may as well have been telling the story of "My Life in the Film and Television Industry". Seriously. MY life.

So I was pretty pleased to have the minute or so to speak one-on-one with him at the end of the "class", to let him know that I was the person whose story he was telling. And of course, to hand him my resumé. PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease, Mr. Roberts, Sir. PLEASE hire me as a stand-in for your upcoming film that's not even been cast yet. PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease, let there be at least one actor in your cast that I'm an appropriate "match" for, and PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease, let me not have made a total ass of myself in that moment when I handed you my resumé. PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease, have noticed during the two hours that I was engaged and responsive. PleaseOhPleaseOhPlease.

<cue the music> Dear God, I neeeed this job. Please, God, I waaaant this job. I gotta haaaave this job! something something something

Last June, the first/last time I attended this "class" (yes, I have attended more than once), it was geared primarily toward standing-in on a Multi-Camera television show. I've never stood in on a multi-cam show, so it was incredibly educational. However, I hadn't even built my stand-in resumé at that point as a "thing" I could hand over at the end of the "class" to the amazing AD who'd been teaching it. So, in addition to the education I got regarding doing the job, I also got a little networking education.
not the whole resumé, just a snippet
for Lee, since it creeps him out ;)
can you see how the nail appears to be curling inward?
This time, I didn't learn so much about how to do the job. But I did still get a little networking education. I need to always have ONE printed-out copy of that resumé on hand when I am on set, as a background actor, Scripty, or PA. At the end of the day, if it's been a good day, and I've had any opportunity at all to inform the 1st AD that I'd like more chances to work with him/her, hand over that resumé as a reminder of the earlier conversation, along with my thanks for making it a great day.

Learn Something New Every Day.


  1. Did he accept the resume with a smile? Are you the only one who did that? Don't people LIKE gumption? Florence Henderson?

    1. I said, "you were saying..." and he immediately jumped in with "what? what did I say (wrong)?" - so he was very engaged and personal with JUST ME in that moment, so I got to tell him the little bits about being "found" in the real world and getting upgraded here and there, and also relating to a little story he'd told about the stand-ins IN the movie "Love Actually". So, yeah, he accepted my resume with a smile. Others were in line to hand him HEADSHOTS, which he didn't DIScourage, but I can't imagine that an AD is going to do much with a headshot vs. a technical resume. Pretty sure, in that moment, he was fine with the gumption. I just panicked AFTERWARDS.

      Yes, I've stood in for Flo and Donna at THE SAME TIME on the same little MOW. That was the same MOW I got to stand-in for Pam Grier (yes, THAT Pam Grier). All of the "Ladies of the House" were lovely, and I mean that most sincerely, not in a Southern "bless your heart" kinda way. ;)

    2. Wow, Carol Brady. You stood in for Carol Brady! That's cool. You know, my kids and I watch the Brady Bunch reruns and they love the show. It's hilarious.

    3. I have watched very little of that show, as Mommy was very strict about tv when we were growing up. As I've already said, the Ladies were all very nice.

  2. We believe in you emelle. YOU CAN DO EET!!!

    And stop posting pictures of your weird ass pinky!

    1. Thanks for that pep-talk, Lee.

      And no, not until it breaks and doesn't look like a carnival fingernail.


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