Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sometimes, the ruler of my day is a hermit crab. Other times, it's a social butterfly.

Today was a little of both. Got up late-ish but checked back in with friends regarding the birthday party I'd agreed to attend for their five-year-old. Originally thought the party was going to be walking distance, at the Chuck E. Cheese('s?) behind my apartment building. Apparently got some communication wires crossed, and that party actually happened last Monday night. Today's party was at their home, 20-ish miles away.

So I walked over to Target to purchase my gift and wine coolers; "liberated" a shopping cart from the complex so I could carry the twelve-pack home (since I was walking); got in and drank all the tea and then headed out.

Before I got to the party, host-dad called to see if I could pick up some last-minute supplies on my way in. Sure; no problem. Got to the party about an hour after it was to have begun. I arrived without a child to contribute, but I am a social butterfly, so who's counting?

Hung out for a long time. Most of the kids eventually left, and there were just us few stragglers. I got word from Stephen that he was on his way home, so I did what I could to leave then as well. Not too successful in my "leaving in a timely manner" attempts. Did eventually get out and home.

Had time when I first got in to finish my 10,000 steps and bring in mail, and I've been "catching up" in my Twitter account, when I realized that I haven't blogged yet today, and I'd told the non-FitBit thingy that I'd get to bed by 11:27. Think I'm going to fudge that one.

But I'm done here, and all I really need to do tonight is PUBLISH, brush my teeth, and go to bed.

Turns out my day was actually pretty full, after all. Did YOU have a good Saturday?

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