Saturday, April 23, 2016


So, I had another day off again, of course. Stephen got to go to work. We each described our day as "uneventful", which is 100% true for me.

I.e., I got up. I checked internets stuff and played some games in my computer. I checked the mail when it came, and I got the check for my most recent day on set. Eventually, I left the house so that I could do Three Good Things:

  1. deposit that check
  2. pick up a few groceries from Trader Joe's
  3. get my steps in, in a different neighborhood than I normally walk.
Stephen, however, had a "slow" day at work, because the main road in front of his store was blocked off all day. It was blocked off for a parade. Stephen and his co-workers got to attend a parade, without going out of their way or standing in any lines, and get paid to watch it (because of being on the clock, of course, even though there was insufficient "work" for them to do).

I don't call that uneventful. I don't care that I really don't care for parades. The main reason I "don't care" for parades is that I don't like having to drive somewhere, find parking, and then find a good spot to watch people or floats pass by me. Had I been working along that stretch of road today, I think I would definitely have "led with that". But then again, I guess I'm more of a smartass than Stephen is.

So now we're watching "X-Men: Days of Future Past; the Rogue Cut" (because Stephen hadn't yet seen this version, and I was still busy with internetting once I got home from my steps. Oh, here's the one "event" that occurred for me today:
Is this a backhanded compliment or
a front-handed insult?
the non-FitBit thingy really thinks it's the boss
of me. At the top is the comment I had to add
to the 1.77mi walk final "workout" of my day

I really don't like how the "Smart Coach" doesn't learn but thinks it's helping to motivate me. I like that my steps and my sleep get tracked, but it's not good at motivating me.

Was YOUR day eventful today? Tell me about it.


  1. I want trader Joe's here. Closest one is Minneapolis.

    I changed the tires on my car from winter to all season and went to the gas station to top them up. The kids swept all the crap out of the garage and I power washed the floor and the dirty winter tires. Kids also went around the yard and picked up all the dead branches that fell from the trees over winter. Then I looked up how to move to Hawaii and someone's blog on his move. And was excited that both IT (me) and pharmacists (Teresa) are needed in Hawaii. Unfortunately I doubt will ever move there. Buy a property there yes, move permanently, doubtful. Oh well. At least we can visit.

    1. That's AWESOME, Lee. Sounds like both a very productive and hope-filled Saturday.

      Pretty sure TJ's has made it to Hawaii, too. :)


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