Friday, April 15, 2016


I stayed in bed late today. I wasn't necessarily still sleeping; I just had no reason to get up, other than a quick bladder-emptying that happened around 7:30. After I'd farted around on my phone for a bit, I tweeted, since the non-FitBit thingy thought I was still sleeping (HA!), that maybe I'd go ahead and take a nap. I followed that tweet with a nap. Funny how that works.

Then Cocoa decided that I should rub her belly for a bit, since I was still horizontal, and there was that little pocket of space for her to occupy. So I woke up for reals with giving the baby girl some belly rubs.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful. Yesterday I'd been on set, and got all my steps in between work setups. Last night and part of today, I had some coughing fits. I know that those fits were likely entirely pet hair and dander related, so my only real plan for today was to vacuum the bed and all of the walking surfaces in the apartment. Once I was officially "up" for the day, I ate some leftovers for my breakfast, which really happened at lunchtime, and then I vacuumed. And then I mopped, too, because why not?

I checked the mail a couple of times, and eventually, Stephen informed me that I needed to get my steps alone, if I were planning to get them (he would not be venturing out today). So I grabbed by earbuds and my phone and headed out the door to appease non-FitBit thingy.

Checked Kelly's website, knowing that there would be two podcasts to keep me moving. Actually read a non-podcast post while walking (with hyper-peripheral-vision vigilance for street crossings!) and then got to enjoy this. Before you close this page (my blog post), PLEASE click on all the links!  Be sure to also open the video of Louis CK; it's fun. Kelly's podcast absolutely spoke to me, primarily because I am NOT the person she and Brooke are talking about. Usually, there is definitely some aspect of my personality that fits, but for this one, I simply related as being the lone "chill" person. But boy, do I know others who will get upset over #FirstWorldProblems!

Once I'd gotten home (and yeah, I "owe" about 19 steps to reach my 10,000 step goal. Don't worry - I should hit that just getting ready for bed), I farted about online some more, deciding what to blog today. I knew I wanted to link Kelly's, but there are some other recent posts that I'd like to direct your attention to as well. Maybe you're not a huge Star Trek:TNG geek like I am. Maybe you are, however, a fan of Wil Wheaton. Maybe you don't even know it yet. He occasionally gets to play a really evil version of himself on shows like Eureka or, more recently, The Big Bang Theory. But he's also an excellent writer, and a downright nice guy who occasionally struggles with Depression and Anxiety. I'm grateful not to suffer from Anxiety. Still, when Wil talks about Depression, I can relate. His blog is here. Check him out if you have any interest in any of the things I just talked about.

Speaking of awesome writers who write about Depression, if you haven't yet started reading Jenny Lawson, then whatthehelliswrongwithyou? She is only one of the most honest and candid bloggers/writers out there, and this post should tell you everything you ever wanted to know about what it feels like to live inside of a Depressed Mind. Once you've decided that you love Jenny, whether as a sufferer of Depression or Anxiety or as someone who supports a sufferer, you'll probably also want to join her Twitter tribe. Yep, it's #TheBloggessTribe.

And lastly, of the blogs I read, I've become fans of a woman who deals more with physical pain in her daily life (but can relate to mental anguish, too). She doesn't post often, and her posts aren't typically very long, but when she does, they pack a punch. You can start reading her here.

This link is to a YouTube page for a chick that I occasionally "follow" on Twitter, and I occasionally watch her "My Drunk Kitchen" videos, because she's fun. She's a little more "out there" than the rest of these links, primarily because she's an unabashed broken person who happens to also be a lesbian. If that ain't makin's for some fun, I don't know what is!

So there's some links for ya. When you come back, won't you comment below? Tell me what you thought; tell me if you've decided to begin "following" any of these; tell me if this will be the last post of mine you'll ever read, because I either drove you away with my sense of what's right, or I sent you into the arms of another lover (or two).


  1. How good is that Louis CK thing. I AM that person sometimes which is why it was so uncomfortable to look at! But happily I am less and less that person these days :)

    1. I know, Kelly. I loved the whole podcast but for whatever reason wasn't compelled to comment there. Probably because I didn't want to be "that person" who is always just so chill it sounds like I didn't get anything out of my listen.

      You'll get there; you know what you need to do. I got faith in ya! :)


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