Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Well, no, not really. But it was smokey.

Apparently, according to "the news", there was a salvage yard in Sun Valley that had a fifteen-car-flameup today. This was about six miles away from us, or a ten-minute drive up the 5 freeway (what you might call "Interstate 5").

I had headed out at lunch time for the walking, sampling lunch at Costco, and on my way back, I realized I wasn't anywhere near my goal of 10,000 steps, so I detoured a little. I walked through the neighborhood just off where Stephen works, and I got all the way to his store in time to hang out a bit and then walk home with him, once he was off. There were Girl Scouts out front, with a Guide Dog Puppy in Training, trying to raise money (and possibly awareness) for/about Guide Dog Training. Stephen got off work just as one of his regular customers walked up with three strong lab-like "puppies", so the getting out of there was fun.

We walked home past a house that I'd been able to walk into earlier, because Sunday is Open House Day, and yes, as far as I know, I am in the market to buy a home, so I'm "qualified" to visit Open Houses. By the time we walked past it this afternoon, it was Closed.

But we made it to the bridge so we could cross over the 5, and Stephen thought that the shopping center near the Costco was on fire. As we progressed over the bridge, I could see that maybe it was our apartment building or the high school across our street, but definitely not the shopping center. We got a little further and realized that the fire was not really "us-adjacent". So that's good. But it was definitely not someone cooking out in their backyard. This was definitely an "accidental" fire.

Here are the pics I took:
Stephen's elbow in the left part of the frame;
we already know it's NOT the Empire (Shopping) Center

The 5 Freeway running n/s in the foreground. Traffic's not bad!

Across all the bridges and on the other side of the mall, now.
Stephen's on the left, approaching our apartment building (past the stone wall). Burbank High School on the right.

Just outside our front door, the smoke is ~6 miles away. This was five-ish in the afternoon.
Once we were in from all that adventuring, we just hung out with the cats, so we're still not done with our Smokey Sunday! ;)

There's a very strong percentage of the me that is me that would have liked to be closer to the flames, rather than six miles from the smoke. The very small percentage that remains is okay with not being close enough for it to have affected my breathing.

How do you feel about fire, in general? Are you something of a pyro, like I am? Or are you more of a fraidy cat, like Smokey?

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