Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mailbox non-Money

This year (in June), I will "celebrate" a milestone birthday. "Celebrate" is in quotes for a couple reasons.

  1. I don't yet know how I feel about reaching this milestone in my biological life, considering my career is not quite at that same "level". I'm happy to be alive, assuredly. I'm happy with my career successes, even. I'm just not sure if I wouldn't like a decade or so of "do-over". Can I get a decade or so of "do-over"?
  2. There are possible ways of "celebrating" but no plans as of yet. It's not until June, specifically seven weeks from tomorrow (OMG SEVEN WEEKS FROM TOMORROW AND WE STILL DON'T HAVE A PLAN!), which is plenty of time to come up with some way for my friends to participate with me. Or not, depending on what we decide. It's very up-in-the-air at this point. Possibly because I'm not sure how I feel about it all.
Along with this milestone birthday, I've got life milestones to cover. Usually this results in some notice (not money) arriving in the mailbox. I needed to get a physical exam, which included a Pap smear, mammogram, and bloodwork. Y'all already know how that worked out.

I had to renew my auto registration already. This has nothing to do with my birthday; it's an annual thing. Still, the notice arrived in the mailbox.

I have to renew my driver's license. This absolutely has to do with my milestone birthday. Because California allows you to renew online twice, I have had the same beautiful photo for the last decade or more. This year, I have to go in to the DMV and have them test my eyes, and they'll also take a new photo for another decade or so. I'm not looking forward to losing my current pic, I'll be honest witcha. Not that I look bad or anything today.
We still need to find out whether we will qualify for a mortgage this year, and if we do, I'm sure that means some kind of paperwork in the mailbox. Possibly within the next seven weeks!

And then, of course, I should have a paycheck in either tomorrow's or Saturday's mailbox, because I had a day on set last week I have yet to be paid for. I also got to work on set today, which means another paycheck next week, and today's work was an automatic possible recall for next week, so this is hopefully a never-ending chain of at least one day on set each week, generating at least one paycheck each week. I really do love my industry. I would love more than one day of work per week, but I'm grateful for each day as it comes.

I've always liked having a mailbox to check. I barely check my email inboxes, and I have three of those (that I'm sure are overwhelmed), but I love the arrival of physical mail, whether it be money or an important notice of some kind. This year is the year of mail for me. I guess I am a magnet (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You).

How do YOU feel about snail mail? Are you eager to check your mailbox daily, or do you dread it, or some feeling more "meh"? What's the best piece of mail you ever received?


  1. I am constantly amazed that I receive any of my packages from family members. Daddy used to get my address right and now he puts Apartment H on my latest package, the way you do. Y'all must have misheard me at some point. Fix your info, please. It's 8 not H. I'm impressed though. I do LOVE getting mail. I check the mailbox every day, too. I get excited unless it's junk, but, still. The potential. :-)

    1. That's incredibly funny - he had several addresses for you, so he checked with me. I had it written down on something that's magneted to the fridge; it's not even updated in my Outlook or anything! And, yes, I "corrected" his Apt. 8, because I absolutely heard you say "H"; I think when I heard it, I clarified that as "Henry?" and wrote down "H". I will correct it on the thing that's magneted to the fridge RIGHT NOW... DONE.

      And I'm sure Daddy will correct it immediately, if he reads the comments here (I know he reads the blog). Yes, I do love the potential that the mailbox holds daily. Today it was my SAG Pension notice (not that I'm anywhere near eligible to ever collect a pension in my lifetime, YET). Better than junk from AARP, though! :)

  2. You're going to be 60 already? Wow good job. You're looking good for 60. Probably all that walking. Both my kids birthdays are in June. My son will be celebrating his first milestone. He'll be 10. Can you remember that far back. Anyway, I'm going to be leaving now. Specifically running. Kbye!!! :D

    1. Yeah, You'd Better Run. You'd Better Hide. You Better Leave From My Sight... Lee. ;)

    2. Sorry I couldn't resist. I'm sure your milestone will turn out fine. Age is just a number. All of my siblings have gone through it already. I'm the youngest and I'm the one with all the chronic issues. Go figure. So as long as you're doing well, you're golden.

    3. Age is just a number, it's true. And aging beats the alternative. But if we're here for some purpose, "aging" sneaks in to say "you're not fulfilling it". That's all I'm dealing with of late. Just a little angsty crisisy stuff.


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