Monday, April 11, 2016

Achievement(s) Unlocked!

So, yesterday, I set out to reach 75-80% of my "normal" today. I know I decided to stop being "sick", but I also knew that there's no way one can will oneself from 15% up to 100%, so I was shooting for 75-80%. Good news, kids! I did it!

Here's a recap of my Climb Back to Health:

  1. got up not at 7:30 this morning, but promptly at 7:45, after the last snooze had sounded. My temperature read 97.4ยบ. Yeah, I thought I always ran a little "hot", but apparently, this morning, I was running cool. Maybe everyone's normal waking temp (before even getting out of bed) is on the cool side; I dunno.
  2. Had cereal, made a fresh pot of coffee and drank some.
  3. Got sucked into the Twittersphere. Found my way out and made the bed.
    Smokey, many hours later
  4. Got sucked back into Twitter. Got hungry, and my phone was dying, so since I had accepted a steps challenge from my non-FitBit thingy (not 10k steps, just an increase of 500 steps over last week's daily average), I left the phone plugged in and grabbed a grocery bag and the list for the walking, sampling lunch at Costco. I did not push myself for those steps. My normal pace is ~3mph (or better); I knew today would be significantly slower. I didn't want to find myself halfway there and having a dizzy spell.
  5. Had my walk to Costco interrupted by a funeral procession. Said a "Thank You" that I was being stopped by it, rather than being part of it.
  6. Picked up just a few items that were on the list; didn't want to overburden my walk home with too much weight, and I'd only brought the one grocery bag. Had to wait in the shortest longest line I've ever had to wait in (the lady in front of me - the only customer in line when I got in line - couldn't find sufficient funds to pay for her purchases. I debated telling the cashier to let me pick it up on my card.) Got checked out and started my trek home. 
    coffee, butter, and Nasacort.
    Are there other needs?
  7. Had been sorta kinda counting steps on the way over, and I knew I wouldn't quite be close enough to the goal if I didn't make a little detour. So I rerouted, careful not to overexert, and by the time I reached the mall, I was ready to take a brief rest in one of the dollar massage chairs. I did not opt for the candy or ice cream samples at the mall; I was more thirsty than anything, and I knew that either of those samples would only exacerbate my thirst.
  8. Got home and drank some sparkling water. Usually I add sparkling water to my juice, but I was thirsty enough for it straight. If you don't know me, you don't know what a huge thing it is for me to drink *just* water (sparkling or not). #AdultingWin #YayMe
  9. Emptied the dishwasher!
    Reloaded the dishwasher!
    Didn't eat anything else! Probably should, particularly now that it's been hours since that paltry walking sampling lunch!
  10. Got sucked into Twitter some more; discovered some work to apply for and did that; looked at my step count and decided to reach my goal by just making a few laps around the courtyard of my building.
  11. Every time I have sat down on the couch, the cats have nuzzled up against me on each side for belly rubs and head skritches. This time, I have kept both hands on the keyboard, so Smokey was okay with my proximity, but Cocoa kept looking up at me and meowing "why aren't you rubbin' my belly, Mama?" until she just now gave up and went to the floor to have a bath. Oh, well. She'll be back; on that you can depend.
  12. Stephen got in from a normal Monday of work and is currently watching movie trailers while waiting for me to finish blogging. Maybe we'll eat something together. Maybe we'll each eat something, separately. I'm sure we'll both eat.
  13. And after we spend some couch time surfing tv or movies in the queue, then we'll get to bed at a reasonable time, and tomorrow, I'll be at 85-90%! Cool!
In other news, today my Twitter feed was blowing up with National Siblings Day and National Pet Day. I have siblings and pets year-round, and I love them all dearly. I needn't make a social media fuss (I don't think), because they all get it. As long as Cocoa gets her belly rubs, everybody's good, amiright? But April 11th is also a more significant National Day for me, and for many others that I know and don't know. Here's a post I put up two years ago. Fair Warning: I don't have "triggers" but if you do, I think it's safe to say that this post may include them for you. Please proceed with caution.

What Achievement(s) have YOU Unlocked lately?

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