Friday, April 8, 2016

Bring on the haters!

I know this post will likely generate some backlash for me, possibly in the form of fewer followers in various places, and possibly in the form of vitriol in comments sections, here and there. I honestly WELCOME all intelligent feedback, so here we go:

I did NOT love Star Wars: The Force Awakens.*

I did NOT see it in a theater, which means I did not have to fight any crowds, pay more for my ticket than I do for a meal, pay for expensive popcorn and soda, or "miss" anything by taking a much-needed potty break during that incredibly long movie. Other benefits of waiting until we owned it on Blu-Ray was watching with closed-captions, all the "spoilery" conversations had died away, and I could watch some very necessary Behind the Scenes stuff in the "extras" section of the disc.

*Now before you jump all up in my shit, let me clarify my statement.

I think the team did an excellent job of revisiting the original trilogy from the 1970's using a present-day cast. I did, in fact, Laugh Out Loud quite frequently while watching. I know that this movie was exactly what the "true fans" were hoping for.

I did not, however, cry at the moment I was supposed to. There was a lot about it that felt very much like a 1940's war docudrama set in space. The bad guys were simply bad, with zero redeeming qualities. The good guys were flawed, well-rounded human beings that we rooted for because we saw ourselves in them, but the bad guys? Seriously? There are very few 100% inherently evil people, and this bad-guy empire (or whatever they were calling that realm) had all of them. My suspension of disbelief is not so willing.

Maybe if I watch it again, alone, with commentary, while Stephen is at work still, I'll like it a bit more by the time I've made my way through it. If I can figure out how to do that with the PS4 remote, in my feverish state.

Have you an intelligent rebuttal? Please comment below!


  1. I shun the non believer!!!!!!!


    No, it wasn't a perfect movie but it did what it was supposed to, and that was to bring the fans back to Star Wars. No offense to Lucas, he's a great ideas man but he sucks at directing and story telling. And his prequels were utter garbage. Did this movie have flaws? Yes. But to me they were small ones and didn't ruin the movie. And Daisy Ridley won me over. She ranks up there with Hamill as my favourite SW character. The acting was good all around as well. For me it was a solid 8/10 and ranked third or fourth in the Star Wars movies. Empire has always been 1, Jedi 2, and A New Hope either ties this or ranks slightly above it.

    1. I think my ranking is more like Ep 4=#1, Ep 5=#2, Ep 6=#3, & Ep 7=#4... I never was a SW "fan" but I like a good space opera as much as the next geek. So I didn't LOVE this one. I've now watched it twice through, and frankly, I can find roughly half an hour to edit out. Maybe that's my biggest "problem" with it. The fight scenes drag the story down. Shorten those, and you have a good space opera rather than an okay one.

  2. I agree on the no crying at the supposedly sad part. Saw it coming from an hour and half away. I did, however, love the movie. I think the best part about it was feeling like I was 10 years old again, sitting in the theater with my best friends. I wanted to yell out loud when I saw the Millenium Falcon take off and fly again. Loved the strong female characters in the tradition of the original trilogy.

    1. I do appreciate that there are true fans out there who truly did enjoy it.

      Just wasn't my cuppa, I guess. Rey was watchable; I kinda look forward to see what develops w/Luke. Just about everyone else was a bit "type-y" for me, including all heroes and villains and droids.


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