Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Weekend Update, UPDATED

First of all, when you finally decide to give yourself a manicure, you discover that you have one fingernail that just grows weird.
they all look good, right? normal? except for that pinkie.
it's starting to curve inward, towards the rest.
plus, it's probably long enough for me to start snorting Coke
... except I just dunno how to deal with the bubbles. advice?
Now, for the rest of my time off:
  1. Last night, I was just not sleepy, so I went to bed very late ... so this morning, I stayed in bed very late (again).
  2. When I finally got up, I ate some "junk food" (cheese, crackers, olives, clementines ... because if we kept Real "Junk Food" in the house, we wouldn't be able to "keep" it in the house. So we're both better off eating real food, but as if it were snacks). I also drank a cup of chocolate coffee, and then some bubbly water. I haven't consumed many calories today, but maybe because of all the sleep I got, that's why I'm not particularly hungry.
  3. Tweeted for awhile; checked my internets; ran a poll among my tweeps as to how I should continue my day. Doctor Who marathon won, 62%, over Rock Band 4 drumming 38%. I was grateful that the poll did generate some interest for both activities. I think I woulda been at least a little sad if one of the choices had won at 100%.
  4. So I started with Runaway Bride, where we meet Donna Noble, and then continued that same season with the first two Martha episodes, Smith and Jones, and Shakespeare. I hadn't decided, at the end of three episodes, whether I would continue through Season 3, or skip ahead to Blink, or jump all the way ahead to where we're reunited with Donna. I'm not ready to rewatch ALL of the reboot, but I do like a marathon of specific David Tennant episodes, so we'll see...
  5. It was getting late, so I needed to get my steps in. ALL of my steps, apparently. The non-FitBit thingy was only registering 16 steps for my day at that point. Sixteen lousy steps? Are you FUCKING kidding me? So I set my phone's timer for 45 minutes and set out at the fastest pace I could muster. Just as I reached the track at the high school, I checked the status of my steps, reset my timer for 30 minutes, and walked the track as fast as I could. Each lap consisted of about 500 steps, so I did six pretty fast laps, and then checked my status. Still owed 2600 steps! So I exited the high school, reset my timer for 30 minutes, and headed home, around the block. I did manage to get my route all planned, so that once I was at 9700, I could slow to my normal 3mph, and essentially "cool down". Ended up with my average of 10,300 for the day, but I was beat.
  6. So I took a long, hot bath. Grabbed some electrolyte water and my phone, so I could see what the tweeps had updated. Gave myself a pedicure "scrub", microdermabrasion'd (is "microdermabraded" a word? because Google is saying it isn't, not that it recognizes "microdermabrasion'd" either) my face, neck, and hands, and lounged. Then Stephen got home from work, and we discussed what we'd watch this evening.
  7. He's gearing up for Captain America: Civil War, so we're currently watching the original Captain America, when Chris Evans was tiny, and we first get to meet Agent Peggy Carter. Did you know that Clara Oswald was in that movie? She's Bucky's date at the Stark Expo.
  8. I'll find something to eat that is less like "junk food" (probably), and when the movie's over, I'll go to bed.
  9. UPDATE: I WAS domestically "productive" before I went to bed at midnight! I ground coffee for the morning, and I ran the dishwasher! Yay, me!
So it has been a good day.
What was YOUR weekend like?



    Ahem...anyway, you're finger looks weird. But we all have appendages that look weird I think.

    I'm tired. I did lots of work yesterday again. Probably more then I should have. I stopped myself before I went too far. Truthfully, I'm surprised I'm not more wiped out then I am.

    1. Isn't it a great feeling to think you've overexerted yourself and discover that you haven't?

      You're right; it's not the pinkie NAIL that looks weird - it's the whole PINKIE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

      I'm about to update the update, because I realized as I was going to bed that I was, in fact, domestically productive. Yay, me!

    2. Well, that didn't last long. Started feeling shitty yesterday afternoon and all throughout the night. Just starting to feel a bit better again. I guess I did overdo it. It always seems to hit me a day or so after I do too much. :(


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