Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I am so happy and grateful for

Three Good Things:

  1. The walking, sampling lunch at Costco. I got some steps in; I carried two empty grocery bags with me, and then I carried two not-too-full grocery bags home. The best things being sampled were the stuffed chicken breasts (two in a package, stuffed with rice pilaf, broccoli, and cheese, SO YUMMY) and the chicken-and-mozzarella ravioli (not as "balanced" but still quite tasty). My groceries weighed about 12 pounds, so I logged a workout when I got home.
  2. Mailbox Money. Well, okay, it was pay for last week's day on set. I'd remembered that we were being paid a meal penalty; I hadn't remembered working overtime that day. I AM A MONEY MAGNET, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Got that into the bank and carried two empty grocery bags over to Trader Joe's to get more steps in. Had looked at the shopping list before I left for Costco; had not glanced at it again before the trip to the bank; had to rely on my memory to pick up items that I was sure we were now out of. Logged another short workout for the 20 pounds I carried the shorter distances to and from my car.
  3. Rock Band 4. I'm gonna spend my evening rockin' out! UPDATE since first compiling this post (but before hitting "publish"): Rock Band 4. I spent my evening rockin' out! I had to recalibrate the system, again, and I had to change the batteries in my drum set again, and I had to turn on the stereo so I could actually hear the drumbeats to calibrate it, but once I took my all-girl band, The Jaded Bridesmaids, out on tour, we got ourselves a manager (Uncle Tony) and a big ol' tour bus and a sponsor (a lifetime supply of horseradish sauce, Woo Hoo!), a small number of loyal fans and some D'oh! And my character, emelle the drummer, got a new top to wear and a new drumset. The other girls won't mind if I spend the band's money; they don't exist except in Virtual Reality. Frankly, I can't even remember their names (it's been awhile since I've played as The Jaded Bridesmaids).
Good times! And now it's time to hit "publish" and rub Cocoa's belly until we go to bed. Whaddya got?

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