Monday, April 25, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Are you still out there? I have come to the realization, probably today, that my self-imposed "goal" of blogging daily was, in fact, probably the dumbest self-imposed "goal" I could have ever created for myself, in the history of EVER.

Here's why:

  1. It's not particularly creative. If all I'm doing is keeping a daily journal that I just happen to publish for all the world to read, then is that worthy of the bandwidth or whatever is required to make it happen?
Yeah, there's really only one reason. And since I feel that that one reason is the Most Excellent Reason, I have made A Decision.

I quit. I'm done.

Not with blogging, kids. Don't worry. I'm just done with daily journaling. I know that you really could NOT care less about whether I take 10,000 steps in a day. I know that, unless I actually tell you about the scrumptiousness I get to eat, you could NOT care less about my walking, sampling lunches at Costco. I know that you want me to take more selfies, and post pictures of the sweet furbabies, and talk about Mommy and Daddy and my siblings and my friends and what happens while I'm on set, my favorite place in the world.

So I'm only going to post when there's something like ^that^ to post. Today is 25 April 2016. I have been blogging for, what? Two and a half years now? No. Longer. Daily. At least, not daily if there's nothing interesting to report. I mean seriously, what are the titles for every post this last week?> 
For the entire month of April?> 
For most of the month of March?> 
Things like "uneventful" and "nothing to report"? Sheesh. How is it, that in all this time, it has taken my newest reader (and also the newest blog I'm catching up on) to point this out to me? I thought you were my peeps, y'all. Thank you, 500, for guiding me to the light.

If you have ANY input regarding this decision, PLEASE, Speak Now. Or Later. Whatever. I check back on comments all the time, so it's not like you'll have to Forever Hold Your Peace. Please DON'T Forever Hold Your Piece. That would be <<awkward>>.

So now, today, let me leave you with Three Good Things:
  1. Blogging's gonna be fun again, starting today. Maybe you might like to give it a whirl! is a good place to start; otherwise, if I haven't already linked you on the right, and you'd like me or others to read your blog, link it in the comments!
  2. I have to place an order for some crap that I like to order, so I'll have plenty of electolytes, among other things, for when I DO get my 10,000 steps. Haven't gotten 'em yet today, and I'm sure if I check with the non-FitBit thingy, it's probably yelling at me. That's a good thing, though. It does, after all, have One Job.
  3. The weather lately has been pretty damn fabulous, and what that means is that my breathing's been pretty damn good, too, of late.
Here's today's selfie, since it's early enough in the day that I don't have to take it in the dark:
PARTY!!!!! Yeah, I gotta keep showing off that awesome long pinkie nail.
The lady in Black... Is still in her jammies... STFU
(you totally just sang that, didn't you? you know you did)


  1. Ha! If I gave any advice, that was inadvertent and unbeknownst to me. I've been blogging since December. What the hell do I know? I did tell you my personal preference. For me, Facebook and Twitter are for my daily minutiae. My blog is for more "eventful" shit.

    I love the camaraderie of the blog world. I have been made to feel so welcome and helped, and I try to help other bloggers whenever I can. But..there are time constraints, so even though some of my most favorite bloggers in the world are doing the A-Z April Challenge, I can't read 30 blog posts per blogger, and comment on them like I normally would. I am missing some awesomeness, I am sure, but I will hook back up with them when April is over. I hope they still love me then.

    If you are my blogging buddy and part of my tribe, it's pretty much like being one of my besties. Whatever you're writing, I'm reading, commenting, liking, sharing -- unless you post every day, cause logistically, I just can't.

    I'm putting together my 2-3 line bio for you to add to my My Tribe page :)

    1. Take it like your labor-whispering "gig"; yes, you were the one who said "the right thing", even if you weren't TRYING. I just happened to be catching up on your blog when you said it.

      Frankly, I LOVE that you're still "new" at this. That means I should be able to read EVERY post, in not too long of a span of time!

      I can't wait to read my "intro". :)

    2. Don't expect too much from 2 lines, ha. I write something that I think will make people click over to your site.

    3. Don't worry; I'm looking forward to reading how you describe me, but I'm not here to pressure you (or anyone else)

  2. OMG THE PINKY AGAIN!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Put that thing away, you're scaring the children!

    And a big "aw" to your post today. Oddly enough I enjoy reading your daily ramblings, but that's just me. Don't just do it for me. Also, reading about your 10000 steps actually inspired me to get off my ass and walk more...well, as much as I can anyway. But I'm up for reading whatever you post.

    Also, that's the Hawaiian "hang loose" sign you're throwing up there. It's not a party sign. WEIRDO! Geez, learn your hand signs.

    1. Lee, you are honestly the one person I suspected would be disappointed by my decision. Have you already read through my archives? That could take you some time, and then by the time you made it back to present day, maybe you'll agree with the decision.

      I'm going to post the pinkie pics as long as the nail keeps growing.

      And seriously, what's the actual difference between "party" and "hang loose"? Smartypants Lucky Duck who just got back from Hawaii. :P

    2. Hang loose means more to relax. Party means PARTY!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!

      Two totally different things.

      Hey, I said write what you want to. I'm just saying I enjoyed your play by play's but it's your site so do what feels right to you. I'll keep reading.

    3. Maybe hang loose is how I party.

      I'm not quitting entirely; check out my archives & interact with me there! :)


    5. READ my damn ARCHIVES already, LEE! :D

    6. I have NOTHING to read today. Guess I'll be forced to do my JOB now. THANKS EMELLE!!!!

  3. ruth ann marchettiApril 28, 2016 at 10:14 AM

    i also will miss your daily have an interesting life and as i have said before i love reading about it.. hope you and steven are doing well..

    1. I'm not quitting all of it. I just don't personally find my day-to-day blogposts to be particularly interesting, TO ME, so why would I think my readers would?

      Stephen and I are definitely happier here than NC. Hope you're living the life there!

  4. ruth ann marchettiApril 28, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    also since i know both you and steven personally i think that's why i find your (journal) so interesting..

    1. I'll let Stephen know you checked in. Hopefully, from this point forward, the posts that I DO make are at least as interesting as you have found them to be.

      I'm not gonna lie, Ruth Ann. You may be the only person out there who was INTERESTED in my daily journals. Lee would comment daily, but I think I could have talked about dog poop and it would have sparked a convo. He lives up in the Frozen North, so can you really blame him for interacting daily on my blog (or anyone's, for that matter)?

      YOU should start a blog, Ruth Ann! And then link it here, and Lee and I will be your first frequent visitors! Lee should also start a blog, but I've already said as much (and I know I'm not the only one).


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