Saturday, April 2, 2016

What did YOU do today?

Three (plus Ten) Good Things:

  1. Slept in
  2. Vacuumed the apartment again, because allergies yesterday (you know, from the furniture)
  3. Walked with Stephen over to Costco (walking, sampling lunch, of course) and Best Buy
  4. Bought a new AA/AAA NiMh Battery charger, because the old one was officially "done"
  5. Set to chargin' four brand new NiMh batteries, because Rock Band
  6. Played a little Rock Band with Stephen using not-so-fully charged batteries
  7. Checked the mail, got paid for Monday, the first day I was booked with my car but did not work at all - the call was cancelled due to rain, but we all got paid anyway
  8. Walked another 1000 steps so the thingy won't yell at me
  9. Made dinner while playing more Rock Band with Stephen
  10. Ate; cleaned up; checked the internets
  11. Played some more Rock Band alone
  12. Am watching Stephen play a little Rock Band alone while I blog - EARLYish
  13. Just now discovered that I did NOT blog on Monday! Good thing I posted one extra blogpost in January! How come no one told me that I forgot to blog on Monday? I wasn't even on set that day! What the hell did I do that day? How will I possibly remember all the cool/uncool things I do, if I'm allowed to skip blogging? You guys gotta do better at reminding me, 'k?
I expect we'll play a single tour, once the new batteries are fully charged. We'll probably watch a little tv, and then call it a night. I'm not scheduled (at this point) for anything tomorrow, and Stephen works late, so #1 may very well get repeated tomorrow morning.

What did YOU do today?


  1. What did I Di today? Slept in, walked onto the lanai and watched the giant turtles swim in the ocean, went into Lahaina and did some shopping (bought a Hawaiin shirt), came back home, ate lunch, then swam in the ocean and did some snorkelling. Not bad for my day. :)

    1. LIAR! You did not come back "home"! "Home" is the Godforsaken-Frozen-North that your wife won't let you move from! You're on vacation still. You actually are reading blogs in Hawaii. Wow. Hawaii must SUCK as a vacation destination. ;)

  2. Notice the time of night I'm posting at. Plus we're being lazy since we're here for 2 weeks. The ocean is awesome btw.

    1. Wow. A fortnight vacay is for Europeans, I always thought. However, ^this^ comment came during mid-day, so I stand by my previous.

      You needn't defend your vacay; I've just eaten a bunch of really sour grapes! ;)

      btw, I am fully aware of how "awesome" the ocean is.

    2. Yes but this is the middle of the ocean, so it's just that much more awesomer. :)

    3. I have no response for that.


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