Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Creeping up to full power

85 - 90% well today, Wooooo Hooooooooo!

Slept in for, like an hour and a half today. Wasn't expecting that. I think, because Cocoa came to bed with us last night (for belly rubs) and then showed up again as the alarm was ringing/snoozing this morning (for belly rubs), I assumed that I would be getting out of bed once the alarms were done and Cocoa had run away for the last time anyway. Apparently, she didn't run away for any of the snoozes, and I fell back asleep. ... until 9 or so, when she came tearing through the bedroom, probably right after having taken a good dump. So I got up for my own toileting stuff as well as cleaning the litter box.

Checked my temperature, and it was exactly normal. Had cereal, reheated the coffee, and got sucked into the Twittersphere. Stephen got up and did morning stuff as well, and then he got ready for his evening shift at work. When he asked what my plans for the day included, I indicated that all I had on my plate was to get enough steps in to satisfy the non-FitBit thingy (again, not the full 10,000 that I had been successfully taking prior to my sick weekend; just the ~7500 step challenge I'd agreed to). So just before he left for work, he asked if I wanted to walk with him. Knowing that I walk ~2500 steps/mile and that Stephen's job is 1.7 miles away, I figured it'd be all the walk I needed! Perfect!

The walk with him was somewhat leisurely, and we chatted pleasantly, even though I was feeling a bit of a brain fog. We got him to work on time; we looked at some of the cat trees together, and I walked home by way of a different neighborhood. I didn't keep my normal 3+mph pace; I didn't want to push myself into any dizziness that might be lingering. Got home at 9700+ steps!

Have done little else today. Applied for some work. Had a chance to check the mail, which means I have officially hit 10,000+ steps today. I tried to have a little nap in the middle of the day, and the non-FitBit thingy thinks that I did, in fact, sleep for the 18 minutes I was on the phone with the payroll company regarding my last paycheck, giving me ten total hours of sleep, or 133% of my daily goal. Have put myself on the availability list for rush call work tomorrow. I've consumed liquid and solid nutrients; I've had no dizziness; I have no fever or chills or sweating; my "coughing" has been more of the throat-clearing variety. I've engaged in pleasant/funny chats with some great folks in Twitter. And again, I'm blogging fairly early for me.

If today was me at 85 - 90%, then what the heck does tomorrow at a full 100% hold? What does YOUR day at 100% look like?


  1. Glad you're getting better. I hate being sick. It usually knocks me out for a day or so and hen it's all about recuperation after that.

    1. Yeah, I never get sick, so it always comes as a shock. Three days was long enough, and with two to three days to reboot, I'd say I'm good for another few years! :)

    2. You guys never had kids right? That's where most of the germs come from. As well as coworkers who can't seem to stay at home when they're sick so they spread their germs to everyone at work.

    3. No kids. My Daddy's a retired nurse, so I know all about kids being "vectors".

      I'm on set today with a loud eater, who also happens to be dealing with some congestion. I'm keeping my distance!


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