Thursday, April 7, 2016

No, I wasn't PLANNING on getting rained on today.

But LA/SoCal need(s) the rain, so oh well. Ennyhoo...

Three Good Things:

  1. Central Casting held visitation with the Union Casting Directors this morning (after taking last month off), so I walked over, carrying Mommy's purple formal gown, some makeup, and appropriate shoes, so I could add that photo to my profile afterwards. Even had a good question to ask (always ask a good question, so the CD's remember you and will book you)!
  2. Got home from that, feeling a bit peckish, and since the new Star Wars flick has been released on Blu-Ray, Stephen suggested we do the walking, sampling lunch plus Best Buy &/or Target. Bought the movie at Best Buy, and the rain began as we were heading back over to Costco, very lightly sprinkling. The walking, sampling lunch was really sparse, so we picked up hot dogs, bread, and cheese, and headed for home.
  3. Walking out the front door of Costco, we couldn't tell if the light-but-steady rainfall was going to let up or worsen, so we started our journey home. It did both. What a fun way to get my steps in! NOT. But I did hit 12,932 steps so far today. I will likely exceed 13k but not 14k by bedtime.
    you have NO idea how difficult this shot is on a webcam!
And now Cocoa has my right hand on her belly, and my left hand is finishing up this post! Yay, ME!
also, I don't LOVE wearing makeup, but when I do, I wanna make sure all that glamour isn't wasted!
How were YOUR plans altered today?


  1. It rained again. And when I say rain I mean this weird light rain that keeps coming and going. And the sun peaks out a lot. But I think I'll go take a swim anyway pretty soon.

    Nice glam.

    1. I grew up in Florida, so I'm betting the rain you're getting is pretty similar to what I grew up with. Good to get to swim, despite rain.

      And thanks.


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