Monday, April 4, 2016

Motivation = 0. Willpower = 0. Nevertheless, today I'm WINNING.

Yesterday, I planned to sleep in. Didn't happen. Got up and fought major congestion. Was miraculously cured by eating some yogurt. Eventually got outta the apartment; got my steps in; deposited a check; bought milk. Saw some gorgeous houses, and now I gotta rob a bank so I can buy the best one. KIDDING! This is just my week to win the Lottery, okay, Universe?

Last night, I had every intention of blogging early enough to get to bed early enough that I wouldn't feel the need to sleep in today. Didn't happen. Blogged early enough, but was hit with more major congestion. Had no intention of testing the "miraculous yogurt cure" at bedtime last night. Made it to bed before 1, and hopefully, Stephen was able to sleep through all of my "other room" sniffles and sinus clearings.

So today, Stephen got up very early to get to work very early, and he allowed me to sleep in, bless him. I only heard him leave the apartment, and I promptly went back to sleep, to awaken near 9. Hallelujah! I think I'm caught up!

But not being scheduled for anything, and sorta kinda remembering there are things that sorta kinda need doing... these parts of the equation can very easily add up to a day without productivity of any kind. Luckily, I heard the mailman filling the building's boxes, early, so I actually put clothing on and went to check the mail. Thank you, Daddy, for sending me Mommy's sweater I'd been missing since Inner Hippie's milestone birthday two years ago! (For anyone who's curious, my milestone birthday is two months from yesterday).

But what else to do with my day? I ate my bowl of cereal and took my vitamins with the last of the coffee. Wow, does that pot need cleaning! I can do that! Oooh, but I should take pics (before and after) for my blog... WHAT? my digicam's battery is dead? Where the hell is the charger? Shit.

There is nothing like needing a particular piece of tech to "motivate" you. In my search for the spare battery and charger, I put away the wardrobe I'd taken to set that day I'd worked on that show set in the 80's. You remember that day? My clothing from that day has been peacefully living in the living room in my little rolling suitcase, rather than hanging in the closet, ever since that day. #Lazy

Found the charger and finished off the pitcher of iced tea. Oooh, I can make tea while I'm cleaning the coffee pot! Realized I'd bought some juice that needed re-bottling (I mix, you see), and I can do that, TOO! This is not motivation or willpower, kids. It's just seeing what needs doing, and doing it.
the spigot that allows ever-decreasing streams of coffee thru

1/2 gallon Iced Tea Pot; one gallon pitcher; family size tea bags

1st 1/4 gallon brewed; 2nd fixin' ta go!


not TOO "ew"

final 1/4 gallon to go! (constant re-filling of Brita as well)

my two fave juices to blend
& empty container for blending

man, do I love Trader Joe's
 Lemon Ginger Echinacea juice!

equal parts LGE and OJ, yay

good to the last drop!
clean as you go, amiright? ;)

get Coooooold, so I may drink you!
Three (plus ten, AGAIN! Is this my "new thing"?) Good Things:

  1. put my clothes away, FINALLY
  2. made the bed, because
  3. emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher (to make room in the sink for filling the Brita pitcher and cleaning the coffee pot)
  4. cleaned the coffee pot (am actually still cleaning it, because wow)
  5. brewed another gallon of tea and am chilling it in the freezer
  6. mixed my juices
  7. topped off the Brita pitcher
  8. wrote the rent check
  9. came online to pay DirecTV (see, I knew there was something I was s'posedta do!) and blog
  10. ate leftover fabulousness that Stephen prepared for dinner last night, leaving him a serving for when he gets home from work - DEEEE-lish!
  11. will walk over to the apt rental office to pay the rent and get my steps in (two birds; Yay, Me!)
  12. will probably play Rock Band with Stephen sometime this evening, as well as watching some boob tube
  13. have existed in the Twittersphere but have managed to pull myself away from it (Total Victory; I get all the points; y'all can quit playing because I WIN)
What "motivates" YOU? Or, do you rely on "willpower"? Or do you just Suck it up, Buttercup, and get started doing SOMETHING? Did YOU actually WIN today?


  1. I went snorkelling today and saw lots of fish and coral. So I'd call that a win for today.

    1. You really suck, Lee. Just try not to suck while snorkeling. :)

    2. Also not a good idea to smile too big while snorkeling. :D


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