Tuesday, April 5, 2016

#Peahens and #CheesePopcorn and #NotAlone, Oh My!

Three Good Things:

  1. I got to be on set today, many miles away from home, with a 7:a.m. call time (originally), which got pushed to 8:a.m. My hair was wet when I went to bed, so of course I rolled it before I drove away this morning.
    Kilroy Was Here. Yes, it's late, and I might be punch-drunk.
    Or maybe just drunk-drunk. I think the former.
  2. Had a coughing fit on my way in, which was not resolved by eating "miraculous" yogurt. Now I know. Got to basecamp with plenty of time to spare, and my chicken quesadilla was also not a "miraculous" coughing cure. Now I know.
  3. Saw lots of peahens on my drive in, as well as all over the neighborhood where we were shooting. Peahens just happened to be blowing up my Twitter feed, so I feel like there was something serendipitous, or possibly therapeutic, about their presence.
    yes, I was stopped at an intersection stop sign in a mostly-empty neighborhood
    to get this pic before 7 a.m. ... and then a car pulled up behind me,
    and the driver was all "what the hell are you DOING, girl?"
  4. Had an entertaining, albeit drawn-out, time hanging out with the other BG artists in our one-page scene. Taught a little waltzing while we waited. When all the coverage was finally shot, they wrapped us. Short but lucrative day.
  5. Got home with plenty of time to make up for the fact that my day on set had been somewhat "still", even though we were all standing together in groups on the front lawn. Decided to take a walk, but went through a process of elimination with our supposedly "bad" batteries first to find four "good enough to charge". Managed to find one, out of eight, that I believe is definitely "bad". So far, so "good"!
  6. Walked the mile-and-a-half (or so) to Smart-n-Final (another grocery chain that's almost like the wholesale warehouse atmosphere of Costco, with specific items that we occasionally pick up, like coffee filters). Listened to a podcast on my walk. 
  7. Discovered that the coffee filters they had were all bleached, so I didn't buy any. However, I also discovered a powdered popcorn substance, made of "good" ingredients (for the most part, from what I can tell), so that I can finally have freshly popped cheese popcorn right at home. There was some commentary on my Twitter feed the other day regarding cheese popcorn and the lack of ability to DIY but the plethora of "good" brands of pre-popped, bagged cheese corn. When I tweet the link to this particular post, I'm not sure what hashtag to attach so the right members of #TheBloggessTribe will see it. Possibly that one? ;)
    had to use my ELBOW to hit the "take snapshot" button on the webcam, but the label says
     "Nothing Artificial" (up top) and "Made with Real Cheese" (at the bottom) - YAY!
  8. Listened to another podcast on my walk home; got home hot, sweaty, and tired. Played a little Minesweeper on my laptop while sitting on the couch, waiting for Stephen to get in from work, and actually caught a cat-nap. Dayum!
  9. Connected to the interwebs; opened this blank page as well as all the blogs I read in separate tabs, so I could kinda keep up. Commented here and there, as I saw fit. If you like what you read here, you can always visit the blogs  ==>                  on the sidebar there and catch my commenting, at the very least. Or decide to follow them yourself, if you have the time to read more blogs. Comment here! Comment there! Or just lurk! Be sure to click on links, when they are attached. Great rabbit holes. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.
  10. Stephen ate some stuff; I ate some stuff; we watched some teevee. I wasn't ready to talk atcha just yet. Needed to process. One of the shows we watched had our second houseguest as a Guest Star in the latest episode. Good chunk of acting!
  11. Cocoa wanted some good belly rubs, and she got 'em. Smokey came up for a few head skritches, too. The cats have been attended to.
  12. We've had a splash of wine, and now I'm blogging. Still early enough to wrap up the day while it's still today.
  13. I'm available for work tomorrow. One of these nights, I'm gonna get a rush call! JOY!
Yes, I had to stretch it out to "lucky" thirteen. You got somethin' to say about it? ;)


  1. Do people still play minesweeper?

    1. ... he asked the One Person who has confessed to doing so. I think Hawaii might be rotting your brain, Lee. Better get home to the Frozen North!


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