Saturday, April 9, 2016

What's goin' on?

I've been SICK this weekend, kids. Yeah, I know, I'm always bitching about my damn allergies, and I'm still dealing with those symptoms (congestion and coughing, that is all), but starting yesterday morning, I added to those symptoms:

  1. low-grade fever. My "normal" temperature is typically about a degree higher than the "set" normal of 98.6º, but yesterday morning, we broke out the thermometer Stephanie had picked up for us at the $.99 store (thanks, Stephanie!) to discover I was running a little hotter than my normal. Lowest temp I've taken was today, at 99.1º, the highest was also today, at 102.0º. So, of course, along with fever,
  2. I'm so hot. (I know, quit braggin'.) Soon as I get sweaty from runnin' hot, I find that
  3. I'm so cold. (I got nothin'.) I'll crank the heat, bundle up, burrow under blankets, and then return to #2. Also, yesterday,
  4. I threw up after trying to take aspirin to lower my fever and get rid of my
  5. splitting headache. Now, kids, if I've got a headache, you know something's wrong. I just never get them. I never get sick, and I never get headaches, and this one lasted all day yesterday, simply because I couldn't get vertical enough to consume enough calories to not take an aspirin on an empty stomach. Which, of course, by the time all of those factors were in place, I did not keep it down (see #4). Also, today,
  6. my tastebuds went out of whack. Everything I consumed that should have been sweet tasted like sucralose. I don't consume sucralose, because that shit is nasty. So I don't buy "sugar free" items that are made with it, and it is not a sweetener that exists in any form in this apartment. Everything else I consumed (not sweet) tasted like nothing. Like, as in, no flavor whatsoever. Stephen had made a crock pot of hot-sour soup just for me, and it tasted like nothing. I ate some crackers, and they tasted like nothing. I even had a single kalamata olive, in the hopes that it would at least be a touch vinegar-y. Nope. Nothing. So Stephen picked up a jar of kosher pickle slices, because he'd heard that pickles will reset your tastebuds. And they did! Hallelujah!
  7. Both yesterday and today have seen me walking around the place half-bent over, because dizzy. I know caloric consumption helps with that, but it's hard to consume calories when a) you have no appetite and b) you can't even get to the fridge. Yesterday was worse than today, and yesterday ended with a major coughing fit. Hopefully, tonight won't. So far, so good!
So I've been sleeping a lot, and I've been not-quite-vertical a lot, and I've gotten very few steps in, and the non-FitBit thingy has chastised me a bit about "good habits" and whatnot. What The Eff, non-FitBit thingy? How does this little activity and this much sleep not tell you that maybe something is wrong? Whatever.

Also, we were supposed to go dancing tonight. There was a birthday party at the ballroom where we sometimes go, and we had RSVP'd "yes". I was really excited for that, and then really bummed that I had to bail out of going. But I just don't trust myself to drive, and if I had gone dancing in this state, am I contagious? How many fine people might I have infected tonight? And since the median age at that ballroom is 70, how many of those dancers might I have accidentally killed tonight? Better to stay home. Still bummed, though.

I'm really hoping that I'll be back to 75-80% tomorrow. I'm not expecting miraculous curedom or anything, but I hate being sick. Probably hate it so much because it's just so rare for me. That must mean I'm blessed!

What's goin' on witCHOO?


  1. Aw that sucks emelle. I hope you get better soon. If it makes you feel better I cut my foot on some rocks (not super bad) and lost out on a hole beautiful day out here. I was going to go snorkelling in this cool place and take some pics of some awesome fish. There was an altercation with the boys, there toy was floating away and I went after it, before I knew it I ran out of steam real fast and almost drowned. Flipped myself onto my back and back stroked my ways to some rocks and cut my foot. It was hell trying to get the sand out after. Put some isopropyl and alcohol on it and band aided up. Hopefully it won't get infected. Not sure what I can do until it heals. Bleh. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

    1. Yikes! Spend as much time as you can in the ocean, actually, since saltwater will help heal ya. Obviously, if it stings or burns, you gotta listen to your body first.

      Didn't realize this was a family vacation (thought it was just you and the wifey). How old are the boys?

    2. They've been doing good. Just did the whole Hana Hey trip and saw a bunch of falls. Then they took a dip in the ocean and the waves smacked them around. They had a ball.

  2. This all sounds like something we went through a few years ago in one apartment. I finally got a ladder and checked the AC vent, opened it up and was shocked by the mold built up inside. They never clean them whereas most people in private homes have them cleaned once a year or so. We had flu like symptoms and endless coughing fits that never seemed to go away. But once I cleaned out the AC unit it was magically gone. Maybe its just the flu and allergies, but you might want to take a look inside the AC vents.It also didn't matter if we ran the AC or turned on the heat, the air didn't even smell moldy and really surprised us to see how bad it was in there. Hope you feel better soon. Elle

    1. Thanks - we have one wall-unit AC that we never ever run, and gas heat in the wall that connects bedroom to living room.

      Have a Dyson vac for all the pet dander, and an ionizing air purifyer that runs 24/7 (& gets filters washed ~monthly or so).

      We figure moving will be our best bet! ;)


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