Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Three Good Things

Three Good Things for Wednesday, 13th April 2016:

  1. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Powered up to 100%! I slept nearly twelve hours last night, and that recharged my health points to full steam. Definitely winning this round in the game that is my life.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Broke a new habit that was dragging me into a pit of non-productivity. That's right, kids, Twitter released its deathgrip on me, and I was able to escape early today, without getting sucked back in every time my phone had a decent charge. I still find Twitter to be more entertaining than Facebook these days, but I think the honeymoon may be over. Whew!
  3. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! The industry wants me! Yup, I booked work for tomorrow through no fault special effort of my own. Not only that, it's a likely recall situation for at least one more day next week. Not that the phone system is allowing me to find out any of my situational details for tomorrow; technology sometimes sucks. But I will know where I'm going to be by 8 a.m. before I go to bed.
So let me get this bad boy posted for all of you fine folks, so I can check that phone system for my deets again, so I can get to bed. Yes, I got all my steps in today, at my fully-recharged 3+mph pace, and the furbabies have had all the head skritches and belly rubs they've needed all day, and Stephen and I had a lovely dinner at a great little diner right behind our apartment. Today's been a very good day.

How was YOUR today? Did you unlock any achievements?


  1. My today...that is, this past Wednesday, I had to leave paradise and I'm not happy about it. I'm pretty sure they need me in Hawaii permanently. They should have declared me a national treasure and kept us there. But no. Now they lost their best commodity...namely me. And now I'm stuck in this hole. Forced to live here. The bitterness has returned. But I saw the Jungle Book today and it was fantastic so there's that.

    1. Whatever it takes to keep sunshine in your world, Lee. Whatever it takes. Welcome back to "the real world".

    2. The real world for me is back in Hawaii. This is the crappy hell I need to dig my way out of. ;)

    3. I totally get that. If I could have my druthers, "I druther" be in a tropical clime forever and ever.


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