Friday, July 4, 2014

Cocoa thought the drawer was such a great idea, she recommended it to Smokey.

That ^ is one of the first things Stephen made comment on upon waking, this morning, so he brought me out to the kitchen to see.
Once we get the rest of our stuff out of U-Haul's possession, there will be something a bit more "kitchen" in that drawer.  But fear not, the furbabies will have plenty of hidey-holes in the new digs.

We had all of the windows open and bedding on the floor.  We crashed by 11:00 or so, and but for the "cats settling in" noises, we slept pretty well.  The apartment has LOTS of built-ins (cabinetry), which is fabulous for unpacking crap before we have to really buy furniture that's meant as storage.  It's also fabulous for the furbabies, because, even without opposable thumbs, they're still able to open cabinet doors pretty easily... if they're too "heavy," though, the doors only open an inch or two, and before the cat can enter the cabinet, the doors slam shut.  NOISY NIGHT.  It'll eventually calm down, though, because we're HOME.

Spent the morning at Priscilla's Coffee Shop, getting the blog started and checking the internets for bazillions of "Happy Independence Day" Facebook posts and other email/blogs.

four (?) years ago, this would have been Stephen and his writing partner, working on their screenplay AT Priscilla's.

Later, BBQ with Stephen's writing partner.  Turns out, the BBQ was also a "pool party."  The females at the party who'd not been informed via "male" knew it was also a pool party.  The "male" invitation we received neglected to inform us, so I had to borrow a swimsuit from the writing partner's wife.  It struck both me and Stephen as "odd" that the party should divide into boys and girls, but clearly, all of the women wanted to swim, and all of the men wanted to stay in the cool apartment and drink and talk sports (or whatever it was they did; I was downstairs in the pool).

Walked around their neighborhood and all up and down some stairs until we could finally see part of one fireworks show.  It was nice enough.  We had a good time.  Tomorrow, U-HAUL!

Oh, and btw, if you're 'Murican, hope you had a safe and happy Fourth.


  1. So wonderful to hear about you settling back into your "new" life. I wish we had a pool, but grilling out and sitting on our swing drinking beer while watching dandelion fluff float by sufficed.

    1. We have a pool in our new place, so I'll be making good use of it, especially in all the downtime from work I'm facing (until work actually STARTS). Stephen's never lived anywhere with a pool, so we'll see how much he uses it.

      Up too late; slept not well; up too early today... just realized that yesterday didn't need a "post" and "Foto Friday" would have sufficed. Oh, well. ;)

  2. How cute are those cats!
    It's always awkward learning how a new group of friends operates. We have one group we hang out with that does the 'boys over there, girls over here' thing and I think it's super weird. They think nothing of it at all!! x

    1. I'm not sure that under normal circumstances, we'd have split up that way... it was just that all of the girls wanted to be in the pool, while none of the boys did. We were all together for the eating and watching fireworks parts. :)

      And yes, my furbabies are adorable. Thanks for noticing,


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