Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh, those crazy adventures of my friend, Ms. F

Time to name-drop again... Should I tell you the David Arquette story or the Sean Connery story?

We just watched "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" last night and had a BALL watching James Bond play Indy's dad, Henry.  So I'll tell you the story I just learned about him, as told by Ms. F.

She was on a plane from somewhere coming home to LA.  She was flying on Frequent Flier Miles and had therefore gotten a seat in First Class.  Her seatmate across the aisle was a famous football player (she told me his name, but as I am not a football fan, I don't find him integral to the story and will therefore not name him).  Immediately next to her, however, was 007.

They exchanged pleasantries, and she watched him sign autograph after autograph.  The football player was likely doing the same.  She watched both of these men be as gracious as any famous person can possibly be.  Mr. Connery ordered her a Bloody Mary, which she graciously accepted.  The football player made some comment, to which she replied in a grandiose manner.  Mr. Connery immediately regained her attention to ask whether she thought the athlete would have known a particular word she had used.  She said "let's find out," and then asked another question of the athlete to test him.

When his response indicated his lack of vocabulary, Mr. Connery ordered another Bloody Mary.  Over the course of the flight, the very famous men on either side of Ms. F got her hammered on Bloody Mary's.  (I apologize for my misspelling of the plural of Mary, if I have, in fact, pluralized it incorrectly.  I know that the plural of "Mary" is not "Maries."  Help me out here, kids.)

Upon disembarking, Ms. F's control of her own body was gone.  So James Bond and the Athlete carried her off the plane, to the arms of her awaiting husband.  Introductions and more pleasantries exchanged, and I would assume many a "Thank You," and then Sean Connery offered Ms. F (or maybe handed is the correct word?) two tickets to the Academy Awards.

Ms. F and her husband sat in the second row of the balcony at the Kodak Theatre, to watch Sean Connery receive his Lifetime Achievement Award.  Connery's family was seated directly in front of my pair of friends.  Afterwards, they all mingled together again in the "Backstage Pass" world that exists at the Oscars.

Some day, it'll be me in First Class, on a plane, giving tickets to my "new best friend" to some grand and glorious and glamorous event! ;)


  1. The very best part is being carried off and handed to the husband by these famous men. Totally hilarious. I can't wait to relate this to Brian later today.

    I'm also guessing that the plural of "Mary" is "Marys"- no apostrophe. It's a name of a drink and in cases where there is no possessive, I'm assuming, there is no need for the apostrophe. I could be wrong. That's another thing I'll ask Brian.

    1. I never know how to pluralize single letters, either, as in "Did you know that 'gullible' is spelled with 3 'L''s?" (same goes for eras of time, like "the 80's") ...
      "80s" appears as a misspelling, while "80's" does not! :P

    2. Emelle - I am exactly the same!! That is a great story!


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