Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stephen fried fish!

Tilapia, to be exact, using the recipe he'd found for fried chicken.  It was pretty good, but he learned to use larger dredging bowls and a larger frying pan next time (which he had done with the fried chicken back in NC).  Next time it'll be amazing.
In other news, he applied for a few jobs online while consuming good coffee and using the internets at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, whilst I visited Union Casting Directors at Central.  I opted to NOT attend the "Background 101 Enrichment" Class later in the day; did laundry for the first time in this building today instead.

Swam with the neighbor kids in our beautiful pool.  Actually, the kids were throwing balls back and forth into and out of the pool, and in between some deep water treading, I'd rescue a ball or two for the girl who was out on the deck.  Good kids; friendly guardian types.  Got to practice a little Spanish, even.  (Just a little)

It's been a pretty long day, and maybe because I've consumed no caffeine myself, or maybe because it's just so damn hot out and we had to return the one box fan we'd bought (the stupid thing FELL OVER from a flat surface and broke!), but I feel sleepy again already.

Got some mailbox money, though, so tomorrow involves a little banking, and maybe the reacquisition of fandom!


  1. I'm about to consume some caffeine myself even though it's just before bedtime. I don't care. I'm plumb wore out from the downtown event I worked. Did you have to re-sign up for anything at Central or was it just a networking thing? Inquiring minds want to know.

    You will definitely need another fan - no question about that. This is a hot summer and it's only barely begun!

    1. I re-registered last week. Today was "just" networking, altho I did learn that all of my costume/wardrobe "looks" from 2 years ago are GONE so I have to go get those photos re-taken.

      We took a walk this evening and discovered exactly how walkable this neighborhood is. It's amazingly walkable. Plenty of grocery and cheap-store shopping, plenty of dining, a FABULOUS park with all the amenities, and of course, IKEA, the mall, and the movie theater. My TJ's isn't in "the neighborhood" but it's only about a mile away, so it's still walkable. It cooled off for us, so really, it was only super-hot while I was dealing with laundry and stairs, and he was in the kitchen!


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