Saturday, July 19, 2014

We didn't leave a light on...

not that that matters to the furbabies, for a coupla reasons. A) they're CATS and B) there's plenty of light in our "resort" that sneaks in the windows.

The reason it could matter to us is that it means we didn't expect to be out past dark, but we were.

Got up this morning and did some grocery shopping, with the intention of also picking up a "party platter" to contribute to the BBQ/BBP (Belated Birthday Party) we were to attend 3-7 this afternoon.  At the store, I discovered that I could buy all the fruits and veggies we could possibly want to consume ourselves in the coming week, and make a lovely party platter myself.  I do have an appropriate platter!

So I put that together, and we headed out.  Found the house with little difficulty but had to circle the block to find parking.  No idea where the rest of the guests parked - we found a sweet spot right around the corner from the house.  We were, of course, the first to arrive.  I don't mind, though - we've been gone for almost two years, so hosts are going to want to see us first!

The BBP was being hosted by the Birthday Boy, Dave.  His wife, my friend Jenn, was at work, unfortunately, and no one really knew for how long.  We did not expect to get to see her. :(

Guests arrived; we knew only Dave and 3-year-old Brendan.  Or, should I say, I knew only Dave.  Brendan was an infant the last time we saw him, and Stephen had only met Dave once.  'Saright.  We mingled.  We met the other guests.  We watched the children play and the parents admonish.  We ate.  And ate.  And ate!

Then guests began to depart, and suddenly it was just us again.  Stephen figured we'd go, too, but Dave invited us inside so that he could get to know Stephen better, and Brendan could settle a bit from all the excitement.  We had a good time; there was continuation of eating, and the "getting to know you" was really going smashingly.

And then Jenn got home!  Hugs, more hugs, genuine catching up and "so happy to see you"s, and before anyone knew it, Brendan was asleep on the dog.  MORE catching up, because now we could converse like real grownups, and suddenly it was 11 p.m.  We checked the map and came home.

I don't think either of us had planned to network today, but it felt like that happened anyway.  It was a good day.  Good BBQ.  Good BBP.  Good evening.  Pleasant drive home.  And now there are lights on, and the cats aren't sure what to do with us!


  1. It sounds like you had a nice time! We never leave a light on when we go out, I guess we really should, but with a rottweiler in the house it never bothers us too much!

    1. We used to leave a light on for ourselves just because the house would be SO dark when we got in, and then we felt like the cats got used to the lights being on while we were out until we got back to turn them OFF.

      It's not so much a "safety" issue for us, especially now that we're home in our "suburban" environment; we "think" we do it for the cats. We'll see if we get back in the habit. But yeah, it was a good party, and Dave and Jenn were both genuinely happy to see us. "Genuinely happy to be seen" is a REALLY good feeling, and it was absolutely mutual.


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