Thursday, July 3, 2014

Very tired tonight, and wardriving is slow, so...

Probably go to bed early, shortly after attempting a Facebook check-in that is likely to fail.  ("Do Not," as Yoda would say).

Brought the cats and everything we still had with us from the hotel.  I put shit away.  Stephen did something in the computer, but I don't think it involved online whatnots, as we have yet to purchase a wi-fi plan.  The cats hid in cabinets.  Signed the lease.  Picked up the items that were being held in a local garage for us.  Brought everything upstairs.  Got some small last-minute apartment "issues" repaired.  Got a refrigerator delivered.  Went to IKEA to see what we couldn't live without (bought nothing).  Went to the nearest Trader Joe's for sandwich fixins since we don't yet have eatware of any kind (nothing but paper towels, honestly).  Missed a call from U-Haul telling me my shipping container had arrived today (good thing I didn't need it by the 30th, like I'd originally told them!).

Came back here to make our sammiches and wardrive.  There's a signal, but it's slow, and there's no guarantee that this post will actually publish.  The cats are still in their cabinets - well, actually, every time I peek at Smokey, he moves to the other side behind the closed door, and Cocoa is snug in a kitchen drawer.  Crazy.

Ran the AC all day and won't likely run it again, especially once we get some fans in a window or two.  Right now, the cross-breeze is divine.  During the day, it'll be hot.  Think I'm off to bed soon.  I'm beat.

But I'm home, so no complaints.  Got a BBQ tomorrow; gotta pick up a fruit salad or platter before noon.  Yay.


  1. I am glad you are home and it all has come together for you! Enjoy the BBQ and the unpacking!


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