Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I think I may be spending a little too much time in the sun...

Last week, I got to work three days on set.  Because of my "wrap" time on Friday, I was unable to put myself on the availability list for the weekend and yesterday.  This week, I've made myself available for work today and tomorrow, so far.  I have ALSO been able to apply for a Script Supervision gig in August that I already didn't get, as well as a twelve-week gig as a PA, also starting in August.  Do I really want to work as a PA for minimum wage, long hours, and no real respect, for twelve weeks?  Boy, howdy, do I ever!  (Yes, I really am serious - the job description fit me to a "T")

Since we've been here, Stephen's done a lot of writing, AND a lot of applying for jobs, both online and on paper.  The difference between the last time he had to do that (in NC) and now, is that, in North Carolina, every job he applied to was simply a "J.O.B." (Just Over Broke) that would help us survive financially.  Here, without exception, every job he's applying for is something that he would like to do!  Some may very well be minimum wage and part-time.  So what?  If he gets hired for a minimum wage, part-time job, and he feels a need to bring home more bacon than it offers, he can get hired for a second part-time job, and that'll satisfy that need.  Or he can get quickly promoted to a higher wage and/or more hours!  He's had two interviews already, and we've been in our current residence only 19 days!  We both know that the job he's meant to have will find him, and probably quite soon.  We've got faith that here is where we're supposed to be, and so appropriate work will find both of us.

In the meantime, though, I spend about an hour or more in the pool and in the sunshine.  Today, while Stephen was at his job interview, I was in the pool and sunshine for a long time.  When I came back upstairs and he got home, my energy level was sapped, so I took a nap.  I like napping, but honestly, I'd rather be working.  I like having access to a pool, and I like sunshine on my skin, but I don't want so much of it that it causes me to have to nap.  Also, I very much enjoy having someone to chat with while I'm treading water.

My Italian neighbor, Teresa, likes to walk laps around the building's interior.  Sometimes, she'll walk while I'm in the pool, and we'll chat briefly.  I caught her during her laps this evening, and we chatted through my living room window (she refused an invitation to come in and sit).  One of these days, I'll get her into the pool, walking in the shallow end while I'm treading water in the deep.  One of these days...

and then it won't feel like I'm spending too much time in the sun!


  1. Yay Stephen. This time around, California (and particularly SoCal) seems to be a much better experience. You're happy which makes Stephen happy. Stephen's happy which makes you happy. The two of y'all are happy which makes the rest of your family happy. Win, win, win, win, win, win.

    You are spending too much time in the sun, however. You may have Grandma's Cherokee nation skin, but you also have the skin cancer gene the rest of us suffer from on a regular basis. Be vigilant. That being said, naps are never a bad thing - not ever.

    1. California was always my happy place, but I was willing to leave for reasons. If being back makes me happy, and him happy, and the family's happy, too, then yeah. WIN. California FTW.

      I'm vigilant enough about my skin, but also, I don't BELIEVE in skin cancer. ;)

      Naps can be an indicator of depression. Not the case currently, of course. Just sayin' - that would be the "ever."

    2. If naps are a symptom of depression, you don't stop taking naps. You continue to take naps AND medication. :-)

  2. It sounds like you are in a happy place there. I would love a pool. Good luck to Stephen, hope it went well!

    1. Very happy here. Dunno if I would be if I were an expat like you; dunno if I could be happy in Canada, even with a pool! (I don't like when the weather turns cold, and for me, anything below 70 is "cold"). We're accepting all donations of good vibes for the job hunt, so thankyoubellymush. :)


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