Sunday, July 27, 2014

The One Thing:

The one thing I "dislike" about this list is: that it is full of "shoulds." I don't personally believe in "shoulds," so while I'll leave the following list intact, in my head, it reads, "The one thing I think I should..."  If you'd like to amend it for your personal use, by all means.  I got it from Kelly, in the format you see below.

The one thing I should do less often is: procrastinate. I've had this list for three days now, and I'm just getting around to completing it. :P
The one thing I should do more often is: treat myself to "girlie" things like manicures and pedicures.  I LIKE feeling feminine, and I think a fresh mani-pedi goes a long way towards positive self-esteem.
The one thing that always makes me smile is: happy babies, either in person or in pictures.  Children laughing is the sweetest sound to this "Great Auntie."
The one thing that does my head in is: how controlling I get.  I really don't want to nag, but I find myself "correcting" stupid little things ALL THE TIME.  Makes me crazy.
The one thing I should eat more of is: ? I'm drawing a blank here. I'm fairly certain that, on any given day, I'm consuming a good balance of the "right" proteins and carbs to keep my system going, and on any given day where you may witness me eating something "less" healthy, it's because I've made a conscious decision to not deprive myself of something really delicious that I really want.
The one thing I can do to make the world a better place is: make my world a better place, and let the world around me watch me do it.  I'm pretty empathetic (and sometimes pathetic, yes, that too) and I feel like my opinion counts to some folks.  I hope that I'm modeling any advice that I happen to give out, because I know that I do give advice when asked for it.
The one thing I need to remind myself is: I am the only "me."  No one else will think exactly as I do; no one else will do things exactly the way I do.  I need to accept that I need you because you are not "me."
The one thing I should do for myself right now is: forgive myself for not blogging yesterday.  It's MY blog, and there are no schedules anyone else has put on me!
The one thing I should say ‘no’ more often to is: ? Another blank.  I think I have a healthy grasp of "yes" and "no."  Not that I have a way to explain that for you, sorry.
The one thing I should say ‘yes’ more often to is: everything new and different and (safely) scary.  A big part of our return to LA has been "saying yes" more often, and we are implementing that into our lives.  I need to prevent myself/us from falling back into our old routines, especially once we both have a routine!

Thank you, Kelly, for this post!

If you would like for me to see your answers to this list, or maybe you have more "shoulds" to add, please link the location of your list (or just post it in full) for me to check out in the comments below!


  1. Great list. I am a capital 'nagger' too. I think it is because I am a teacher, so I am always correcting the language or actions of people around me. It is so hard for me to take a backward seat.

    1. Oh, I do that, but the one I'd really like to quit nagging is Stephen. The rest absolutely deserve the corrections! :)

  2. Ooh - you know that's a good point. Maybe I should re-do it with coulds instead of shoulds. That would totally change the context of everything!

    1. "Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda," as we say in the States. I like to think in more "general" terms, for myself at least:

      "the one thing I'd like to personally improve in my diet," etc. but it makes for bad list-making! ;)


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