Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Settling in

Put some more stuff away; used my handy-dandy Black & Decker cordless drill quite a bit again, as both a drill and screwdriver.  Used the level more today than I probably ever have before in my life.  I must be feeling like this is "it." :)

Walked to IKEA and BloodBath (& Beyond!) because we could; got prices for specific items that we may or may not acquire in the nearish future, and walked home.

I had a phone interview for a Script Supervision gig that starts on the 17th.  I think I'm a perfect candidate, and I hope the Line Producer I spoke with feels the same.  She was conducting half-hour interviews today and tomorrow, so I think there aren't too many candidates at all.  I feel good about it; I'm back in the game.

Walked to Trader Joe's and the post office because we could; picked up more change-of-address forms and a substitute (for our favorite, which is "done for the season") wine - the new bottle is Italian and cost a buck more than our fave, but it's still organic and came well-recommended.  We'll see.  If we hate it, we can return it (I love Trader Joe's!).  Got some more items for the freezer and fridge.  Stocking up, but in smaller quantities than previously, since we don't yet have a new routine.

Started watching "Never Say Never Again" and was interrupted by a phone call from a lady I may start bookkeeping for again, we'll see.  Really hoped Stephen would continue watching the movie while I was on the phone.  Went back to discover he hadn't, oh well.  Tried to finish it, really, we did.  Checked the on-screen display and found we'd made it through 1 hour 47 minutes but had another 22 minutes to go.  Stephen ff'd to the end, thankfully.  What a horrible Bond flick!

Pictorial evidence of what we did today:
really big parking spaces, for LA... and a spacious storage cubby, too!
yes, I am INSIDE the storage cubby
we had to replace that TEENY closure with one that would actually allow us to lock it
wine glass rack purchased YEARS ago and never hung before now
installing the upper shelves correctly (drilling, adding anchors, vacuuming up the drywall debris)
we ought not need to add any more shelves to this baby for another week, at least!
Cocoa loves her belly rubs
... especially if I'm online
hung two pieces of art
plus two
plus the nude lady in the bathroom
and the Bible verse in the "hall"
whatever shall I do tomorrow?


  1. I find myself excited and happy for you, and enjoying reading these accomplishments. My second move as a military wide and I still have very little up on my walls, because reasons. It's pathetic really. I'll enlist your help tomorrow. ;)

    1. I see your reasons and raise ya twenty. It's not pathetic. You KNOW you're not really "home" so reasons. I hung artwork today because I AM home. Even if we move in a year's time, it won't matter. LA is home for us, and this particular apartment feels like a Godsend. We could easily be here for the rest of our working lives, Good Lord willin' and the crick don't rise.

      Don't beat yourself up. And if you want to actually chat or something, you may absolutely enlist my help tomorrow. I have Skype, altho I've only used it a couple of times with GrandPa, so I'm not anything like a pro at it yet. -I've made myself avail for a late-night rush call for work tomorrow, but it's July, so I know things are slow. We'll see. Send me a FB msg or text msg or something to get me online and we'll connect!

  2. So, so, so very happy you've found a "forever" home. We have yet to do that. We never hang art or put up bookshelves (or even buy a dining room table) because the homes we've lived in haven't felt permanent. I take that back. Grand Junction was forever for us. Sadly that didn't work out. I think there's some trepidation that as long as we rent, we can't fall in love with our house. That's okay, though. We have every intention of buying someplace out in the country, just don't know where, yet. I will continue to be a "military vet/spouse" until I die, I reckon.

    Hell, maybe I'll hang a picture this week. That might force the issue. Hmmmm.

    1. Home ownership is a great thing, but renting has its perks, too. The older we get (especially if LA is where we're meant to be), the less I "worry" about ever owning my home. So where I am residing IS "home," and therefore the artwork that travels with me gets put up on the walls. Same goes for everything else. I've always wanted a "place for everything and everything in its place," and since we downsized SO MUCH to get here, I will have nothing but EMPTY bins and Christmas stuff in the storage cubby within the month! And not a full bin or box ANYWHERE.

      Go ahead and make your home a home. You'll feel better. :)

    2. I will. Not today, maybe, but soon.


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