Sunday, July 13, 2014

Four "Little" Things

  1. Probably got my twice-a-month bookkeeping gig back, to start sometime in the coming week.  Work begets work, so this is a very good thing.
  2. THIS: 
    Thanks, Patrick and Michele, for contributing to our living room!
  3. Went to see this lovely woman's 1 8/9 person show.  I laughed and was brought to tears several times.  I may have some issues that need sorting; I dunno. event invite get yer tickets!
  4. Stephanie gave us our new coffee table, which will live overnight in the car, both to give us daylight to carry it up, and to give the cats only one new piece of furniture to "learn" at a time.


  1. Futons are an excellent addition to any home. Coffee tables are also great. I'm just glad you still find time to blog. :-)

    1. I'm grateful that we're not having to "shop" for the larger pieces of furniture that didn't make the trip. I know that "it takes money to make money" roughly translates to "live as if" but I don't really want to spend our cushion just to "prove" that we'll get regular income soon enough to replace it! FREE STUFF! Whether any of the contributors consider these items loans or gifts doesn't matter. We'll use 'em and LIKE 'em as long as we are able!

      I dunno if you noticed what time this got posted; I'll find time to blog as long as I can find time to blog, ya know? And as long as there's somethin' what needs sayin'! :)


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