Sunday, July 6, 2014

Night Three in the new digs and our first official visitors have just left

We made two runs to U-Haul in my car before we decided we really needed to be a tad more efficient and get the cargo van... so we did that and discovered the "shifting" that occurs in shipment, even with a container packed as tightly as we had packed.  Got everything we could loaded into the van and the car, and came back to be greeted by Stephanie, who had brought us a kitchen table with chairs. Yay for free stuff!  She also brought champagne and her swimsuit, because I'd promised swimming to anyone who came over to help.

We unpacked some stuff; not everything.  Most of the cargo van is empty save the really heavy stuff (first thing tomorrow).  My car's still pretty packed, but it's parked in the garage, so no worries.

Then Jen showed up, with champagne and her swimsuit, and a gift card and some snack foods.  We all went to eat, came back here to suit up, but did a little unpacking first, I think, and then by the time the champagne was freely flowing, we'd missed the "pool closing" deadline.  It's not posted anywhere, so what did we know?

Then Stephanie helped me build the bed, and Jen bonded with Stephen, and it was a lovely night.  They'll be back for more pettings of the furbabies, and more unpackings and organizings, and actual swimming, and probably more champagne.  It's all good.  I look forward to more visitations, both here and out in the world.


  1. Sounds like everything is as it should be. Glad your friends jumped right in to help. See? Nothing to it.

    1. Yup. I knew that once we'd found a place, I could count on Jen and Stephanie. Good friends; good times. :D


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