Monday, July 21, 2014

Time Travel

We just finished watching our Blu-Ray of Looper, which we had bought some time ago, and even though we'd both already seen the movie before, it had recently come up in conversation, so we watched our not-so-recently-purchased-but never-before-viewed "new" copy.

We are time travelers, you know?  We are able to see the choices we've made in the past, and because we watch sci-fi (specifically Time Travel) flicks, we can see how different our lives would be if we would ever get the chance to change Just. One. Thing.

Take, for instance, if all those nights Stephen asked me to marry him (in college), rather than me just saying "yes,"* what if I said "yes - let's set a date for after your graduation?"  If we had married right out of college, even if we waited for him to finish his film degree, so that we knew we'd be coming to LA, we'd have avoided me marrying that other guy, as well as him dating that other chick.  We'd have children, no doubt.  Would I have had the career I've had, just this LA career?  Would he have gotten together with his writing partner to be a published author at this point?  Would we still be renting?  Would we STILL be in Los Angeles?  Who really knows?

Or, what if, for instance, he had only changed his relationship with his Dad enough to convince the man to write a new will, or get health insurance, or life insurance?  Or, what if, for instance, when Mommy asked "should I come visit you in California, before I go home?" back in October of 2006, I had said, "yes, PLEASE!"?  Would Stephen's Dad have somehow managed to avoid his cancers, or at least left his survivors not flailing so, there at the end?  Would God NOT have taken Mommy on that highway in Tennessee?

My point, if I have one, is that we have THIS life to live.  If we watch ourselves make mistakes that we are able to learn something from, then the time traveling we do is in not making those same mistakes anymore.  If we learn anything in this life, we are obligated to share our knowledge with those who come after us, and thereby time travel into a better future.

Or am I just blowing smoke or sunshine up your skirt?

*Remind me to tell you THAT story, if I haven't yet.  I'm already losing track of what I've told you, here on my blog!  Dang!


  1. I must think on these things while I sleep. I will very likely comment tomorrow.

    1. That's HI-larious. You haven't commented on the last one or two posts, but for this one, you give me a heads-up that the "real" comment is to follow. HI-larious, I tell ya! :)

  2. "Things that make you Hmmm"...

    1. I love blogging. I never actually set out to make anyone go "Hmmm" so it's interesting to me when that is what I accomplish. :)


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