Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Pics for You!

I got to work on set today... we shot a bunch of greenscreen stuff, with one actor.  He was great, and pretty well-known in the sci-fi world, and even though he did allow us crew to get selfies with him, it would be unprofessional of me to post them without the permission of the production.  Sorry, kids, you'll just have to sit there wondering who I had the pleasure of working with, and wish you lived my life. ;)

Speaking of working on set, let me tell ya a little about today.  My training for film work involves acting and background acting and photo-doubling, all of which take place on camera, as well as stand-in work, Production Assistance, and Script Supervision, all of which are off-camera.  In my life, from a young age, I have known how to sew.  Back in the day, when I used to love to sew on a regular basis, I never wanted to "make a living at it" for fear I would lose my joy for the act of sewing.

When Stephen and I determined we'd be returning to Los Angeles from North Carolina, we decided to say "yes" more, both to parties/events/networking opportunities, and to work.  When I saw the request for "costume department help - must know how to sew," I immediately reached out to my friend to offer my services.  It took a second request for my friend to realize that I was serious about my offer.  Yesterday, he "heard" me, and offered me two days of work.  I was happy to accept.

I got to the gig today expecting to assist the costume department.  Turns out, I was the costume department!  I arrived expecting to have to carry costumes to a dry cleaner, and use the designer's machine and other tools to alter one costume.  Thankfully, someone else had taken the laundry already, and was slated to collect it all at the end of the day.  So the alteration of the costume: no machine, no hand needle, no thread, no scissors or seam ripper.  I borrowed a seam ripper from the HAIR department gal (who is normally a COSTUME department gal), and there was a sculptor in the art department who just happened to have a cloth measuring tape so I could measure the actor's neck and alter the neck closure for him.

We had one PA who was sent out for a sewing notions run, and then later, he ran out for posterboard.  Poor kid - I was sure he could hear us whispering his name for any errands we might need!

It was a good day, but weird.  I'm used to being asked to do anything.  I'm ready to do anything.  I'm not used to being in charge when I'm expecting to assist.  We managed to keep the day short and do everything we needed to, but there was a lot of "down-time" that, on a normal set, the various departments experience in shifts, not everyone all at once.  So, weird.  But everyone was nice/friendly/professional, and I look forward to returning tomorrow.  At least I know what tools to bring!


  1. Wow! It pays to know lots of different skills. Good thing you can just roll with it. Sounds awesome. Looking forward to the sci-fi person giving the green light. Curiosity is "literally" killing me. ;-)

    1. Oh, he was fine with all of us taking pics! It's the production that has to give the green light. So glad you're "literally" not dead!


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