Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hi, This is Bob from Lexington

How are you, Bob?
I'm Fine, Ms. F.  How are things where you are?
It's snowin' like a bitch!  How are things in Lexington?
It's snowin' like a bitch!  You goin' to the premiere tonight?
Probly not with the weathah like this.
Would you go if there were two tickets waiting for you?
Oh, well, I might venture out for that.  You gonna be there, Bob?
Yeah, I'm the one leaving the tickets for you.  They'll be at "Will Call" in your name.  Will I see you?
Yeah, well, I think I can get out in this for that.  I'll see you there.  You gonna have any problems gettin' theah?  Could you use a plow?
I could use my driveway plowed.  You know somebody?
Yeah, I'll send my neighbah ovah.  He'll plow your drive for ya.

(Meanwhile, Ms. F's co-worker is climbing the walls)

Ms. F gets the address and sends her neighbor over to plow the driveway, and then later that evening, she sees the premiere of "The Candidate" with Robert Redford and his wife, who warns her to treat him "like a real person," to which Ms. F counters "I treat everybody like real people."

Which she does, clearly.  The co-worker climbing the walls knew that "Bob from Lexington" was Robert Redford.  Ms. F simply continued addressing him in the manner he'd introduced himself!

I am so happy and grateful to have Ms. F in my life.  What a treat she is!  'Sides, she saved me a fortune on my ... faxing. ;)


  1. Brian liked this story, too. I tell him all of the Ms. F stories. He may not be as star struck as I but you sure relay a good yarn. :-)

    1. I was ovah, visitin' with a glass, gettin' my faxin' done, and she's tellin' me this crazy tale! Befoah I left, I haddah remind ha ta tell it again, so's I wouldn't fahget!

      She's a real hoot. I just love her to bits. You'd love her too, if you ever got to meet her. She's like all our crazy aunts combined into one person.

  2. She is awesome!! Imagine calling Robert Redford 'Bob'!

    1. Folks with whom he interacts call him "Bob" just as folks who actually know DeNiro call HIM "Bobby." We watched "Philomena" last night, and I was struck by the fact that once a person made it into her circle, the title character was known as "Phil." We do that on purpose, I think, with nicknames. Bob's comfort level with himself and the world he exists in lead him to know that if you're treating him like a demi-god, you're probably also referring to him as "Mr. Redford" or worse, "Robert Redford" (only worse in that it sounds more like a "title" than a comfortable "name").

      Does anyone ever shorten your "Holly" to "Hol?" I bet if you interacted with Kelly over at "A Life Less Frantic" (on a regular basis), SHE would - and you'd call her "Kel." To little ol' me, you two are both more famous than I, and deserve to be called by a "full" name rather than a nickname. But it's whatever YOU are comfy with, amiright?

      ... I know, I use too many words. What I meant to say was, Bob prefers it! :)


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