Monday, July 7, 2014

Makin' Big Progress

Today, I started at NINE O'Clock (slept in because I finally slept well), moving my car to the front of the building so I could empty it up one flight rather than two, and did the little "assembly line" thing we've been doing all along.  At some point, once the car was empty, Stephen joined me in the assembly line to get stuff from the lobby area up the stairs and then from the top of the stairs to the apartment.  EVERYTHING is inside!  Woot!

Put away everything "kitchen" that was left... we each puttered a bit here and there, and I decided to make a pot of coffee, even though I can't find the filters I know we brought with us.  Found the gallon teabags this morning, after I'd made a pitcher of half-herbal and half-Earl Grey last night to have some ready to drink in the fridge. :/  Can't find whatever we know had to have made it into the "last" box... like boxcutters, and krazy glue, and dishwasher pods, and and and and.

We made a trip to Lowe's for a variety of needs (including coffee filters and dishwasher pods); got home and put the box fan in the window and got started doing other stuff, too.  We're going to install DIY bookshelves above (probably all of ) the doorframes; we may eventually build some of them specifically as cat runs.  We'd bought one 1x6x8 board and had them cut it; even though we had measured twice, we didn't get it right.  Fortunately, our on-site maintenance man, Daniel, probably has a circular saw and will trim one piece down for us.  Gotta figure out the exact Spanish to make that request; not sure if our mutual "Spanglish" will suffice.  Tomorrow, maybe.

Here are some pics of today's accomplishments:
Angled mirror and curved shower bar, installed by me.  We had to buy the shower curtain, because the last one got TRASHED.

New coat/key rack, installed mutually, due to the enclosed anchors being TOO STUPID to actually hold the damn thing.  The last rack was left where we'd hung it in Thomasville.

Stephen's been unloading media boxes/bins since they first walked in the door two? three? days ago.  We have a LOT of movies!  The box fan is new.  The table and chairs were donated by Stephanie two days ago.

I installed the pots/pans rack as well as the coffee mug rack.  No new purchases in this photo.

The utensils rack and the wall tchotckes, which we already had, got hung up by me today.  Where's Grumpy?
I have made myself available for work tomorrow (via a late-night, last-minute "rush" call from Central Casting) - Yay.  I have been "accepted" as a client by the calling service I used to have for Background work, so I won't have to look for it myself (double Yay).  One of the ladies I used to do some Personal Assisting for has already contacted me to see when I can come back and pay her bills for her (probably twice a month, so Yay).  The Producer/Director friends who know I'm back have me in their back pockets for Scripty work (Super Duper YAY with a twist).

Now, to just get the prospects calling STEPHEN... ;)


  1. Wow! Fantastic amount of work AND work-lined-up. You go, girl! That's so great that you're finally back where you need to be.


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